If extending into a home’s side return is not a viable option for you, there are several ways to make the most of the interior space of your home. As one of the best home renovation company in London, we have some creative ideas to help you make efficient use of your interior space. We can also provide you with a full house renovation cost or a house extension cost London. Feel free to discuss your personal needs and requirements with us.

1. Remove The Hallway Wall

By removing the hallway wall, you can make more space on your ground floor and connect different spaces. In this way, a narrow kitchen can seamlessly flow into the other areas of your home.

However, make sure to research Building Regulations regarding fire safety. Fire doors or a fire suppression system can also be two of the options to ensure your safety.

2. Use Internal Glazing To Brighten The Place

Glazing can also improve the flow of your ground floor space. Glazing involves less hard work as compared to removing the external wall for forming an extension.

3. Use Your Home Space Efficiently With A Pocket Door

A pocket door brings interior spaces together. A pocket door, depending on your preference, can be closed to give private touch or opened to provide a spacious feel.

4. Make More Space Without Removing The External Walls

If you are on a tight budget, this option can make efficient use of interior space. For this option to work, make sure your external walls are in good condition.

5. Oriel Window Can Come in Handy

An Oriel Window sticks out beyond an external wall. One option could be to add an oriel window near the kitchen. In this way, you can use the extra space to your heart’s liking.
An Oriel Window provides seating space, and it removes the requirement for chairs, providing more space in your home, especially if it is a stuffy one.

6. Join the kitchen and living room

The wall of a reception room near your kitchen can be removed to create more space without the need for a side return extension. By saving money on side return extension, you have the opportunity to spend money to add a complementing stylish look to your kitchen and living room.

7. Reduce the clutter and move your storage

A washing machine or shopping material can end up taking a lot of space in your kitchen.

Did you know? The understairs area in your house often has a lot of random stuff that can be put elsewhere. By reducing unnecessary clutter from the understairs area and shifting essential items elsewhere, the understairs area can be utilized to build a pantry or cupboards for storage.

These efficient, neat, and smart ideas will make your home spacious and airy. If you are worried about exceeding your budget, you can contact us to learn about house extension cost London.

To implement these technical changes, you will need the services of an experienced renovation company, and that is why we advise you to rely on PowerPillar.

Work With The Experts!

Powerpillar is one of the best refurbishment, construction, and renovation companies in London. We believe in making it possible for everyone to live in their dream home. Our team is qualified and experienced in bringing your vision to life.
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