About Us

We aim to be the highest value provider of services and technical expertise in construction.

We individually assess each plan & offer optimal solution

Powerpillar should be your go-to firm for the design, build and refurbishment of buildings and houses in the whole of London East area and Essex. Known for our efficiency and reliability, our contractors tackle the full scope of construction, from house-extensions, full house renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations to tilling. We keep our prices competitive for the market. Our expertise speaks for itself; new clients are consistently impressed by our commitment to the construction and refurb of quality builds. Call us now on 02036331605 for a quotation.

What is the purpose of the Powerpillar?

Powerpillar beliefs on the motto that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful house. It aimed to construct, renovate, home refurbishment, office renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom design, etc to reach the mindset of the customer and put effort to exceed the customer expectations.

Is the Powerpillar providing you services 24/7?

Powerpillar is devoted to providing you with your required services and consultation whenever you need it our contact providers are always there for you we welcome our customers 24/7.

What are the key features of the Powerpillar?

The following are the key features of the Powerpillar.
⦁ Dedicated service ⦁ High-quality work ⦁ Secure work ⦁ Expert team

Is the Powerpillar construction safe?

Powerpillar assures you regarding safety and security, the material used in construction, renovation and designing is of the best quality and for the safety security of customers, we install smoke alarms in our construction for avoiding any life-threatening happening.

What type of designs are offered by the Powerpillar to their customers?

The following are the areas in which the Powerpillar is excelling in designing. House designing, kitchen design, garage design, bathroom design, home design and all types of architecture.

Why is the Powerpillar getting famous?

The base of our company’s success is brilliant team, mind-blowing idea’s of our creative experts and our budget allocation on the things which beautify the designs either associated with refurbishment, renovation, extension, painting or decoration.