Dormer Loft Conversion Cost: A Budget Guide For You

Dormer Loft Conversion Cost: A Budget Guide For You

Renovating a home, adding new spaces or converting useless spaces into beneficial ones is one of the most commonly done activities in the UK. Recently, there has been a shortage of homes in the UK due to an increase in population. Most homeowners are seen to extend their house or convert their garage to make space. Another excellent idea for adding an extra faculty to your home is dormer conversion. It is not much commonly seen, but now with the growth of families and the need for additional space, people are converting their dormers into liveable spaces. Therefore, today our focus will be all the essentials you need to account for while doing a dormer conversion, including the Dormer Loft Conversion Cost.

What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

Before knowing how much does a Dormer Loft Conversion cost, you must have a good know-how of the dorm loft conversion. What is dormer loft conversions? 

A dorm loft conversion is an extension of a building from the roof slope. In addition, it is an expansion of the already existing rooftop to increase the space. It forms a box-like structure added on the roof by creating walls.

 In essence, it has the potential to add a lot of space to your house in a very cost-effective way. Depending on the style, many types of dormer extensions can be made that protrude from the roof slope. The majority of the work is done from outside the building. Therefore, this type of loft conversion creates minimal disruption to most of the work being done. It is entirely up to you to determine what kind of dormer loft conversion will work best with your property type and current roof size and shape.

Types Of Dormer

Angular fronted

Under the rooftop, they form a triangle formed by two sloping sides that include a pitched roof. It is common to build single small shelters, as they add an appealing flash of light and provide a fair bit of extra space.

Porch dormer

The main difference between these and gable-fronted dormers is the sheer number of sloping sides instead of only two. With this dormer, you have more horizontal space than in a gable dormer and more headroom than in a shed dormer.

Shed dormer

The roofs of these sheds slope in a similar direction to the main top but have a shallower pitch. The roof has no peaks or hips, which reduces construction costs. The purpose of installing these dormers is to provide more space for a significant number of people.

Flat roof dormer

They consist of box-like structures with a flat top, and they are typically built as an addition to the back of a house. There are many advantages to these designs, the main one being the amount of interior space and head height as all of the walls are vertical, though, on the downside, they can seem an odd addition to a property due to the way the walls are arranged.


The plot needs two dormers: one above the main house’s roof and one above the rear extension. The two dormers meet in this way to form an L shape which is formed by the two intersecting lines. It is not uncommon for Victorian terraced houses to be designed in such a manner.

How much does a loft conversion cost in 2021?

Each type of dormer loft conversion cost UK differs according to area and design.

Although the average cost of dormer loft conversion will depend on the size of your loft and the type of conversion you choose, here are some guidelines. So let’s get straight to the point.

There is a price range between £25,000 and £29,000 for a dormer loft conversion of 20 square meters, while the average dormer loft extension cost of 30 square meters is between £38,000 and £44,000 to be exact.

It is safe to expect that if the property you are buying is more significant than 40 square meters, it will cost you from £50,000 to £58,000.

In addition to hip to gable loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions are another type of loft conversion that carries a typical price of £35,000 to £50,000 for a small loft conversion of 20 square meters.

A dormer loft conversion cost measuring more than 40 square meters can be as much as £60,000 to £100,000. In comparison, a loft conversion that measures less than 30 square meters will only cost you around £45,000 to £75,000, and anything more significant than that will cost approximately £60,000 to £100,000!

Mansard dormer loft conversions are considered one of the most expensive home extensions. The prices for a small mansard loft conversion can start from £45,000 to £50,000, going up to £55,000 to £60,000 – whereas the cost of an extensive master loft conversion can reach £65,000 to £70,000 or more.

 Final Words

When it comes to running your project smoothly, hiring professionals will be of great help. Suppose you are interested in getting a loft conversion. The dormer may be a good option if you want to make your loft conversion more spacious and with more headroom. In that case, a power pillar can design your loft conversion; then, scale, we can produce drawings and calculations to demonstrate that it meets the latest regulations and get the necessary approvals for your dormer conversion.


7 Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Home Without Side Return Extension

7 Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Home Without Side Return Extension

If extending into a home’s side return is not a viable option for you, there are several ways to make the most of the interior space of your home. As one of the best home renovation company in London, we have some creative ideas to help you make efficient use of your interior space. We can also provide you with a full house renovation cost or a house extension cost London. Feel free to discuss your personal needs and requirements with us.

1. Remove The Hallway Wall

By removing the hallway wall, you can make more space on your ground floor and connect different spaces. In this way, a narrow kitchen can seamlessly flow into the other areas of your home.

However, make sure to research Building Regulations regarding fire safety. Fire doors or a fire suppression system can also be two of the options to ensure your safety.

2. Use Internal Glazing To Brighten The Place

Glazing can also improve the flow of your ground floor space. Glazing involves less hard work as compared to removing the external wall for forming an extension.

3. Use Your Home Space Efficiently With A Pocket Door

A pocket door brings interior spaces together. A pocket door, depending on your preference, can be closed to give private touch or opened to provide a spacious feel.

4. Make More Space Without Removing The External Walls

If you are on a tight budget, this option can make efficient use of interior space. For this option to work, make sure your external walls are in good condition.

5. Oriel Window Can Come in Handy

An Oriel Window sticks out beyond an external wall. One option could be to add an oriel window near the kitchen. In this way, you can use the extra space to your heart’s liking.
An Oriel Window provides seating space, and it removes the requirement for chairs, providing more space in your home, especially if it is a stuffy one.

6. Join the kitchen and living room

The wall of a reception room near your kitchen can be removed to create more space without the need for a side return extension. By saving money on side return extension, you have the opportunity to spend money to add a complementing stylish look to your kitchen and living room.

7. Reduce the clutter and move your storage

A washing machine or shopping material can end up taking a lot of space in your kitchen.

Did you know? The understairs area in your house often has a lot of random stuff that can be put elsewhere. By reducing unnecessary clutter from the understairs area and shifting essential items elsewhere, the understairs area can be utilized to build a pantry or cupboards for storage.

These efficient, neat, and smart ideas will make your home spacious and airy. If you are worried about exceeding your budget, you can contact us to learn about house extension cost London.

To implement these technical changes, you will need the services of an experienced renovation company, and that is why we advise you to rely on PowerPillar.

Work With The Experts!

Powerpillar is one of the best refurbishment, construction, and renovation companies in London. We believe in making it possible for everyone to live in their dream home. Our team is qualified and experienced in bringing your vision to life.
You can consult us to find out about house extension cost London or full house renovation cost. We are available to listen to your needs and assist you accordingly. So let us build for you!


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Everything You Need To Know About A Loft Conversion Cost

Everything You Need To Know About A Loft Conversion Cost

If you want to increase the value of your home, a loft conversion is a great idea! As one of the most trustworthy construction companies in London, Powerpillar has consulted experts in the field to breakdown the stages and costs involved in a loft conversion project. Read below to know how much money you need for your loft conversion project.

Feel free to contact us to get a quote for a renovation project. We can also tell you the estimated garage conversion cost.

A Loft Conversion Cost On Average

For a 7m deep and 5m wide property, a loft conversion will cost £50,000-£80,000, depending on the design and materials to be used. This cost includes a shower room, bedroom, two uPVC windows, and two small skylights. It does not include the price of tiles and sanitary ware.

The Most Expensive and Cheapest Loft Conversions

L-shaped dormers are on the expensive sides. But the most expensive loft conversion style is hip-to-gable.

The mansard loft is less expensive than others. However, the least expensive loft is a single dormer.

How To Choose A Company For Your Loft Conversion Project?

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest quote. However, when companies offer you a cheap quotation, your work will not be their priority as they will focus more on the projects paying them well. Thus, your project will face many delays and low quality materials.
So whenever you are choosing a quote or a company for your loft conversion project, make sure it is one of the best in the market and covers all your essential requirements.

Designing and Planning

For designing and planning your loft conversion project, many companies provide architectural services at an additional cost. However, it is preferable to hire architectural companies for detailed projects. The services of an architect will cost you £1,000 to £1,500 for an average project, while a complex one may cost around £4,500.
You will also have to pay £500 to £700 to the Building Control Department for approval. There will also be the need to choose between Planning Permission and a Certificate of Lawfulness. Planning Permission will cost £200, while Certificate of Lawfulness will cost you around £100. The choice between the both depends on the size of your loft conversion and your council area.

Budget Allocation

According to some experts, the first stage involves cleaning, waste removal and scaffolding. It is 15-20% of the total costs.
In the second stage, carpentry is involved making up 40-50% of total costs.
In the next two stages, roofing and brickwork are involved. Roofing is 20% of the total costs. A loft roof usually costs £2,000, but the cost of replacing an existing roof is £3,000-5,000.
If the brickwork is required, it will cost around £5,000.
The subsequent four stages each cost 5% of the total cost. Plumbing, plastering, electrics, and second-fix carpentry are included in these stages.

Additional Costs

Other than the cost of your loft conversion, you should keep aside £5,000 to £12,000 for the cost of tiles, bathroom suite, carpeting, wooden boards, decorating, etc.
If you need parking permits or portable toilets, it will also cost you extra.
It is generally advisable to set aside some extra cash other than your budget as sometimes an unforeseen cost may arise.

Fire Safety

Smoke detectors and fire doors on every landing cost around £1,500 to £2,000, so you should also add this cost while calculating the budget for your loft conversion. You should also put into consideration the VAT if the company you will be working with is VAT registered.
Now you know the loft conversion cost and are ready to start planning your loft conversion project. If you are based in London, you can make your project a success by hiring the services of Powerpillar.

Powerpillar Knows What It Is Doing!

Powerpillar is one of the most trusted renovation, refurbishment, and construction companies in London. We have experience in house extension projects, loft conversion projects, and so much more! Our expert constructors and builders provide you with quality work within the set deadlines.
Consider Powerpillar to give you the best quote for loft conversion cost or garage conversion cost. Our customer service representatives are available to provide you with help and assistance.


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How To Save Money And Renovate Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

How To Save Money And Renovate Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

Are you getting your kitchen renovation project started? Are you tight with the budget with the kitchen renovation project? You have come to the right place to find out how to save money on kitchen renovation! As one of the best kitchen renovation companies London, Powerpillar has professionals and has gathered advice from experts to help you save money on kitchen renovation. Powerpillar can also provide you with an estimate for full house renovation cost.

Kitchen renovation often involves a significant waste. Significant things you should pay attention to with your kitchen renovation project. Longevity and the materials utilized to save money.

1. Longevity:

Your kitchen renovation project requires you to invest wisely in materials and finishes that are long-lasting. Do not be afraid to spend a little more on functional, and efficient materials.

If you use long-lasting material for your kitchen renovation, it will increase the value of your property and also help you sell quickly in the future if you ever wish to.

2. Materials:

Always research the material before selecting it for your kitchen renovation. Materials sourced locally are reliable. UK-grown timber and European FSC wood are also trustworthy. Use recyclable materials to make efficient use of your money and also save our environment and our planet.

Worktop materials that are recyclable and preferable are:
1. Recycled Glass: Recycled glass gives your kitchen an appealing concrete look. It is not porous, so it does not stain.
2. Durat: Durat is a recycled plastic product from Finland.
3. Recycled Paper: Recycled Paper is made from paper infused with resin.

Flooring materials that are recyclable and preferable are:
1. Recycled Rubber: Marmoleum lino is a commonly used recycled rubber made of putty and linseed oil.
2. Recycled Wood: Recycled Wood, usually in parquet form, is a common choice. However, it requires time and expertise to finish, so you will have to spend extra money on it.

Did you know? In plumbing, a solvent weld is preferable for welding as it is more long-lasting as compared to a rubber seal.

How to Buy Appliances?

Make sure to buy appliances that are meant to last for 20 years minimum with a guarantee of 2 to 5 years.
Carefully analyse the built-in appliances that come with a kitchen as they are of low quality. Ask questions and research the company that has made those appliances.

Sourcing a Used Kitchen

In order to save money, you can also buy a long-lasting and appealing kitchen second-hand. Many online websites allow you to purchase complete kitchens or some parts.

Earn Extra Cash By Selling Your Old Kitchen

Avoid waste and live sustainably by selling your old kitchen. Most kitchens that are sold are not more than 10 years old. However, kitchens older than that also have a fair chance of getting sold.
If your kitchen is not in a good condition to be sold, you can sell some of your kitchen components.
So conduct your research! You will be surprised at the number of websites that help you sell your old kitchen.
Now you know how to save money on kitchen renovation. You are ready to renovate your kitchen efficiently and cost-effectively, but for that, you need to hire the services of an expert.

Powerpillar – Consult The Best

Powerpillar is an expert and reliable renovation, refurbishment, and construction company in London. As one of the best kitchen renovation professionals in London, Powerpillar always provides you with several choices of materials for your kitchen renovations. We also discuss your needs and budget before moving forward with your project. We believe in providing you with quality renovation and refurbishment services.
Contact our customer service helpline to learn more about our services. We also provide you with an estimate for a full house renovation cost.


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Why Plan A Bathroom Renovation Project

Why Plan A Bathroom Renovation Project

A Powerpillar bathroom renovation design

Remodelling, redesigning, renovating or refurbishing a Bathroom Renovation Ideas can really be hard to understand where and how to start. Sometimes, we are over excited when we have gotten to an extent. You could easily be carried away with all the options before you, such as the beautiful lighting, unique tile designs and patterns, the furniture, luxurious bathtubs etc. Most of our clients see some luxury bathrooms on our Instagram page, they think, this is exactly what we want come to their minds. They believe that it falls within their budget but there are different situations in every bathroom.
From Powerpillar records, we realised that most people do not understand that bathroom renovation project can quickly turn into an overwhelming task if there isn’t enough planning. It’s easy and sometimes not, to get your bathroom refurbishment right. Depending on your budget, timing and location, bathroom renovation projects get most families spending their quality times thinking, planning and making decisions. Actually, what makes a plan great is recognising all the critical factors involved and preparing for them.

Some important things you must keep in mind while planning your bathroom renovation project.

Balanced Budget Approach to Your New Bathroom Design

Wrong budgeting can get you in a difficult financial position in the middle of the project. Set financial boundaries by at least getting ideas of labour and material costs from builders or installers you can trust. As you have made all your calculations on what the bathroom installation and bathroom furniture may cost, you can decide on what suits your budget. How much you can afford to spend, deduct labour charges from it. The remaining amount will give you the perfect idea of how much you can set aside for the floor tiles, wall tiles, cabinets, taps, mixers, fixtures, and the extras that you want.

Is There Any Timeline For Bathroom Renovation

How Long Does It To Renovate a Bathroom?

It does not matter how big, small or simple your bathroom is. Renovating your bathroom will take more than just a couple of days. This comes down to how extensive your bathroom remodelling design project is. Regardless of the bathroom size always consider that your contractor will have to administer certain steps that will take the same amount of time. For example, replacing the lead pipe if you have any to copper or to pvc pipes. Setting a realistic timeline is necessary so that you, the resident of the house, can make temporary adjustments during the time of the bathroom refurbishment. Add a day or two for cleaning the bathroom and making it fit for use and learning to use the new features once the renovation is completed.

Does Bathroom Renovation Go In Sequence?

Bathroom remodelling has a sequence. Unless you adopt a systematic approach, your remodel project might be unnecessarily prolonged and many things may go wrong. At Powerpillar, we make sure that we work from down to up. In other words, we start from demolition, and then the plumbing and electrics. Followed by floor and walls before the ceiling. This sequence has been used in several bathrooms was always successful. It will not only prevent mistakes during installation but also makes sure that if there is any leaks in the pipes you will notice before installing the furniture.

What Is Your Bathroom Design Choice?

There are many choices of furniture, designs, paint colours, appliances, faucets, tiles, fixtures, etc. when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom. There are many options for fixtures and appliances. The list of things that demand your attention is never-ending not to talk of this modern days technologies. Nowadays, you have smart toilets, water saving taps or shower mixers that knows when you need hot shower. With the wide array of design options at your disposal, you might end up placing design over functionality. In this situation, there is the challenge of sticking to the idea and budget. Ideally, you must first choose those items that will define the look of the new bathroom design, and then proceed to make the rest of the choices around them. Remember that the bathroom is a part of your home, so you must consider the larger picture. Does the fittings go along with the existing colour or materials in the rest of the house?

The new design of a bathroom in a home renovation

Do You Have Unlimited Space For Your Bathroom Remodel?

What is the smallest room in the house? You guessed it! The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Electrics and plumbing especially with what most people are going for these days. Concealed taps. They take up quite some space behind the shower. Draw the shape of the bathroom and measure up the square metre for correct purchase of the materials. That is why at Powerpillar we help you with 3D virtual drawing with accurate measurements of materials and furniture that will fit to the size of your bathroom. We give you the option to maximise the space in the bathroom. Using virtual drawing will reduce risk ordering or buying something that will not fit to the space or does not match the colour you intended. Sometimes, we have ordered materials but the original colour is not the same as what we saw online. Getting the wrong material or fixture will extend and delay the bathroom remodelling. It is most times advisable to hand over the job of renovation to a reliable bathroom renovation company to manage. They know what they do with experience. They will take the consequences of delays, damages, returns and warranties. Avoid ending up with something that does not fit, and make sure there is enough free space in the bathroom. Everything you wanted might fit but do you have enough space to use and enjoy your new bathroom? Do not block the way! Use your intelligence if you are planning for more bathroom storage. Think of accessibility while compromising style because your bathroom might have irregular corners

Big Difference Comes With Small Things

There is no doubt that major changes such as a new sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower door can make a big difference to the look of the bathroom. What most people do not realize is that even small things like faucets, door handles, drawer handles, and showerheads can make a difference too. It is wise to make a checklist of these tiny components and add them to your shopping list. The best part is that they will not affect your budget by a lot, yet they will make an appreciable impact.

Do It Yourself? (DIY)?

Most of the works in bathroom refurbishment required highly skilled, experienced and some certified professionals. The works that may require these bathroom fitting professionals are the plumbing and electrical works. Bathroom renovation can throw surprises at you when you least expect them. Some of the surprises are discovering rusted and crumbling plumbing stacks or pipe works. Rotten joists due to a leaky shower which may lead to taking out the floor boards and inviting a builder. These build up pressure on completing the job on time and within budget.

Ask yourself; should I hire a contractor or not?
A general contractor or builder who takes care of everything independently and finish with warranty
A handyman who works under your supervision that you responsible for any damage or leaks

Shopping For The Right Material

The main reason for choosing the floor and wall surfaces must be waterproofing and slip resistance (Anti-slippery floor). It is all about just price, appearance and personal choices that make the difference. There are different kinds of finishing surfaces; granite, marble, and ceramic materials. Highly branded and durable ones can be slightly expensive. You can go for them if they are within your budget. Stained or painted cement, vinyl and vinyl tiles or sheets are relatively inexpensive. You may as well decide to plaster or skim the walls with water resistant cements. According to your wishes, budget and design, you can check as well check our Instagram page for bathroom ideas and bathroom designs.

Еlесtriсаl Ѕеrviсеѕ

Electricals: Lighting and Ventilation

Most bathrooms have big windows and have enough lights coming through. Recently, most people downlight or spotlights in their new bathrooms. We would suggest that you get a qualified electrician to do the job for you. The lights you should use are the ones specifically meant for bathrooms. Bathrooms is a damp place. Mostly filled with vapour and humidity. These can give rise to mould which is quite unhealthy. Adequate ventilation can also prevent wood decay and protect the bathroom furniture. During the wiring process, discuss with the builder and the electrician where would better for an extractor fan.

The Cleaning

The will be a lot of dust left after bathroom renovation. After the grouting you need a special chemicals for the cleaning the tiles. Newly renovated bathroom needs a thorough cleaning before you can enjoy it. Paint and cement drops and stains, light fixtures, windows, floors, and walls cannot be overlooked, but cleaning them can be a daunting task. If your bathroom has undergone major changes, it is recommended that you hire a professional cleaning company rather than doing it yourself.


To avoid unexpected problems and over stretching you budget we suggest that you follow the bathroom renovation ideas and bathroom renovation tips we have suggested to you
Contact us for updates, consultations or questions about your bathroom renovations, bathroom refurbishments, bathroom designs or bathroom models and bathroom ideas at +44 (0)20 3633 1605 or email your requirements to


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