How To Save Money And Renovate Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

How To Save Money And Renovate Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

Save Money And Renovate Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

Friendly kitchen renovation

Are you getting your kitchen renovation project started? Are you tight with the budget with the kitchen renovation project? You have come to the right place to find out how to save money on kitchen renovation! As one of the best kitchen renovation companies London, Powerpillar has professionals and has gathered advice from experts to help you save money on kitchen renovation. Powerpillar can also provide you with an estimate for full house renovation cost.

Kitchen renovation often involves a significant waste. Significant things you should pay attention to with your kitchen renovation project. Longevity and the materials utilized to save money.

  1. Longevity:

Your kitchen renovation project requires you to invest wisely in materials and finishes that are long-lasting. Do not be afraid to spend a little more on functional, and efficient materials. If you use long-lasting material for your kitchen renovation, it will increase the value of your property and also help you sell quickly in the future if you ever wish to.

  1. Materials:

Always research the material before selecting it for your kitchen renovation. Materials sourced locally are reliable. UK-grown timber and European FSC wood are also trustworthy. Use recyclable materials to make efficient use of your money and also save our environment and our planet.

Worktop materials that are recyclable and preferable are:

  1. Recycled Glass: Recycled glass gives your kitchen an appealing concrete look. It is not porous, so it does not stain.

  2. Durat: Durat is a recycled plastic product from Finland.

  3. Recycled Paper: Recycled Paper is made from paper infused with resin.

Flooring materials that are recyclable and preferable are:

  1. Recycled Rubber: Marmoleum lino is a commonly used recycled rubber made of putty and linseed oil.

  2. Recycled Wood: Recycled Wood, usually in parquet form, is a common choice. However, it requires time and expertise to finish, so you will have to spend extra money on it.

Did you know? In plumbing, a solvent weld is preferable for welding as it is more long-lasting as compared to a rubber seal.

How to Buy Appliances?

Make sure to buy appliances that are meant to last for 20 years minimum with a guarantee of 2 to 5 years.

Carefully analyse the built-in appliances that come with a kitchen as they are of low quality. Ask questions and research the company that has made those appliances.

Sourcing a Used Kitchen

In order to save money, you can also buy a long-lasting and appealing kitchen second-hand. Many online websites allow you to purchase complete kitchens or some parts.

Earn Extra Cash By Selling Your Old Kitchen

Avoid waste and live sustainably by selling your old kitchen. Most kitchens that are sold are not more than 10 years old. However, kitchens older than that also have a fair chance of getting sold.

If your kitchen is not in a good condition to be sold, you can sell some of your kitchen components.

So conduct your research! You will be surprised at the number of websites that help you sell your old kitchen.

Now you know how to save money on kitchen renovation. You are ready to renovate your kitchen efficiently and cost-effectively, but for that, you need to hire the services of an expert.

Powerpillar – Consult The Best

Powerpillar is an expert and reliable renovation, refurbishment, and construction company in London. As one of the best kitchen renovation professionals in London, Powerpillar always provides you with several choices of materials for your kitchen renovations. We also discuss your needs and budget before moving forward with your project. We believe in providing you with quality renovation and refurbishment services.

Contact our customer service helpline to learn more about our services. We also provide you with an estimate for a full house renovation cost.

How To Begin Your Home Renovation Project?

How To Begin Your Home Renovation Project?

7 Home Renovation Tips To Get You Started

Before you begin working on your home renovation project, it is important to assess your reason for renovating, requirements and budget for your home renovation project. If you are investing in your home renovation project to sell it at a greater price, your needs will be different to if you are renovating to make it comfortable and luxurious home for your family members. These are mostly for first time buyers and young people. Here are 6 Home Renovation tips from the best renovation company that can make your home renovation project easier for you:

  • Get The Services of a Licensed Home Inspector
    A licensed home inspector will closely go through all the areas of your home, testing heating, looking for leaks, checking for dampness, electrical panels and plumbing. He will provide a clear picture of the troubled areas of your home. Then you can decide how you want to move forward with your home renovation project.
  • Air Conditioning Unit or Heating System
    If there are issues in your air conditioning unit or heating system, you need to choose between the options of getting a temporary fix or complete replacement based on your purpose of renovation and budget. Your family members deserve a comfortable and safe living environment. A functional air conditioning unit and heating system are paramount for that purpose. An old and broken air conditioner leads to the growth of mould that is unsafe for the safety of your family members.
  • Doors and Windows
    Investing in solid doors and double glazed windows is expensive but have long-term benefits for the homeowners and potential buyers.
  • Energy Efficiency
    When people are buying a home, one of the things they look for is energy efficiency and energy-efficient appliances. Therefore, investing in LED lights, class A or B appliances, and floor heating will be a wise option for your home renovation project, especially if you aim to live in the house for a very long period. If you are planning to sell, energy efficiency can still beneficial as these will add value to the property.
  • Plumbing
    Bathroom upgrades require proper analysis of plumbing to ensure that it can bear increased usage and pressure. Getting leaks and ventilation systems fixed and broken flooring repaired will reduce your water bills. However, if you do not get these repairs and plan to sell your home, your buyer’s inspector will point out these flaws.
  • Painting And Decoration
    Does the existing colours of the walls and ceilings suit you or any of your family member in their various rooms? White walls and ceiling make the rooms brighter and bigger and they are easy to repair when their are problems. Being white rooms, it gives the impression to any buyer, if you are selling, that the property is a clean place and there is nothing to hide. Though, everybody has different colour tastes but it is always good to let it be white as it serves as a neutral colour.
  • Go Small!
    If you are short on cash, you can plan your home renovation project in steps. You can evaluate what areas of your home need immediate fixing and first invest in those parts. You could get a bathroom addition or new kitchen hardware. You could then get new interior and exterior painting and new flooring. Slowly, your old home will become as good as new!

These home renovation tips will help you stay on track with your home renovation project!
London East and Essex rely on Powerpillar, the best renovation company, for their renovating and refurbishing needs. We have extensive experience in renovating houses according to the client’s budget, taste and style. Let us help you get your dream home! Let us bring your vision to life!
Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and answer your queries.

Getting Ready for Your House Extension Project?

Getting Ready for Your House Extension Project?

Getting Ready for Your House Extension Project?Getting Ready for Your House Extension Project?

Here Is Everything You Need to Know!

house extension
Is your kitchen too small and you are looking to make it spacious for your family? Are you looking to expand your drawing room to accommodate a large number of guests? Have you finally decided to get your house extension project going? Then look no further! Powerpillar, the best home renovation, construction and Refurbishment Company in London East and Essex is here to help you out! We know how to take on complex home renovation and construction projects and provide you with the best results! However, if you do not live in London East and Essex, worry not! We have compiled our years of knowledge and expertise in a few paragraphs to guide you regarding how to start a house extension from beginning to the end. How much does a house extension cost.

So let us tell you everything you should know about starting your house extension project.

  1. Money Matters: Spend It Wisely

The quality of your house extension project will depend on the amount of money you can spend. So it is crucial to carefully plan your budget and decide how much you can afford to spend on this project. If the task seems overwhelming or confusing to you, you can also contact an architect. A professional architect will let you know if you have the budget to go for a house extension project. They will present you with a clear picture of what you can do with the money you have. You can also consult house extension professionals in Powerpillar to guide you regarding extending your house at a price that suits you.
  1. How to Use The Additional Space?

Before you take on the complex house extension project, you should decide what you will do with the additional space that will come out of the project. Will you create a new guest bedroom with it? Or will you make some more space in your stuffy dining room? You could also renovate and rearrange your house to create a new look that suits you. An expert and qualified architect will always talk to you about your needs, so it will be best to prepare and think about the purpose of your project and the requirements of your family members regarding the additional space.
  1. Get Approval

A house renovation or house extension project requires permission or approval from your local government, so make sure to get the necessary approval before beginning work on your property.
  1. Selecting a Professional and Qualified Architect

If you want to hire a professional architect, it is better to have some guidelines or pointers regarding the work you need to get done and the end results you want. The more specific and detailed guidelines you provide, the better your chances of getting an accurate fee proposal from a qualified architect. The characteristic of a professional architect is that he/ she is honest and realistic. He/ she will tell you clearly what can be done well with the money you are willing to spend. The architect plays a vital role in the success of your house extension project as he guides, directs and conducts the workers and builders and takes care of consultants and contractors. So it is essential for you to choose an architect wisely.
  1. Talk to Your Neighbours

    Couple opening the front door of their home

There are often unwanted and ugly disputes between neighbours in home extension projects. To avoid any discomfort during your home extension project, it is also necessary to talk to your neighbours beforehand. Although they cannot stop you from building if you have the required permission, talking to them could ease any build tensions.
  1. Get as Many Quotations as Possible

It is not wise to hire the first contractor or builder that you come across. It is always wise to compare their prices and packages with other builders to make an informed decision. Take your time and make sure you hire reliable, trustworthy and professional builders as they can make or break your project. If you plan accordingly and keep these pointers in mind, we are sure your house extension project will turn out great!

Trust Us to Build the Best!

Powerpillar has years of experience in refurbishing and renovating houses. With its team of highly professional individuals, Powerpillar knows how to bring out the beauty and style of your house, keeping in mind your vision, taste and budget! London East and Essex believe in the best home renovation, construction and refurbishment services of Powerpillar!
Feel free to contact us to know more about our services and terms of conditions. We will be happy to help you.
What you need know before starting a garage conversion

What you need know before starting a garage conversion

Garage Conversion

Are you having nightmares about that dusty and discarded old garage? It’s the room we all try to avoid but still seem to fill with junk. Why not breathe new life into the space you’ve neglected for so long and discover what you can do with a garage conversion? A garage conversion can maximise your space, add value to your property and give you the room you’ve always dreamed of! In this post, we’re sharing how you can convert your garage and the many things you can do with a converted garage.

Garage Conversion Costs

When it comes to construction and developing our property, the first thought that comes to mind is cost. How much will this project cost me? Am I getting a good deal? And, is this project going to be worth my money? It’s natural to have concerns about garage conversion costs. To fully understand garage conversion costs, you need to do three things:

Consider How You’ll Utilise This Space

There’s no point paying for a garage conversion if you’re not going to use the space. Paying for a garage conversion without a plan is like purchasing an item blindfolded. If you don’t have a clear vision of how you’ll use your garage conversion or how it will enrich your lifestyle, what are you paying for? We recommend thinking about how you’ll use this space once it’s converted. By having a vision, you know what you’re paying for, and you’ll be able to decide if this is a worthy investment.

Talk To Other Property Owners Who Have A Garage Conversion

Whilst only you can know if a garage conversion is the right decision for you and your property, discussing it with others can be beneficial. If you have friends or friendly neighbours who have had a garage conversion, discuss how they found the experience. Ask them how they use their new space (you might get some inspiration for your own garage), if they think their conversion was worthwhile and how much they paid for the project.

Discuss Pricing With A Potential Garage Conversion Contractor

The best way to understand garage conversion costs is to speak with an expert. A garage conversion contractor will be able to break down the garage conversion cost, so you can understand exactly where your money is going. Ask a professional contractor for a quote for your garage conversion and be honest about any cost concerns you have. Remember, these builders are experts. Their years of experience mean they’ll be able to guide you on where to spend, and where you can save.


Ideas For Your Garage Conversion

People decide to have garage extensions for numerous reasons. If you’re interested in having a garage extension, and you want to convert your garage to a room, but you’re not sure what you’ll use this space for, here are some ideas:

Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

Are you fed up with paying a monthly fee for your gym membership? Perhaps you’re just fed up with having to travel to the gym every morning. Save yourself money (and petrol) and convert your garage into a gym. Convert your garage into a spacious, air-conditioned room and invest in your favourite pieces of gym equipment.

Convert Your Garage Into A Functional Living Space

Do you feel like you and your family are living on top of each other? Sometimes we need a bit more space to breathe but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle or pay the price of moving house. A garage conversion is the number one solution for adding more space to your property. A garage conversion can maximise the space in your property without adding an extension. If you need an extra living room or bedroom, convert your garage into a room your family can use.

Garage Conversion Small garage office

Make Your Garage Your Home Office

The past two years have spurred on the work from home revolution. More people than ever are working from home. Whilst there are numerous benefits to working at home, there are also many distractions.

Often, sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your knee doesn’t spur productivity. If you’re struggling with working at home, or you’ve decided to work from home long-term, you’re going to want a home office. With all the rooms in your home already assigned, where will this home office go? Your newly converted garage, of course!

The garage is the perfect space for a home office; away from the distraction of the house and a new environment to stir the senses, making your garage your home office might be the best career decision you ever make!

DIY Garage Conversion Vs Hiring A Professional Contractor

We all want to save a few pennies here and there, but sacrificing the quality of your home isn’t the way to do it. A DIY garage conversion has endless opportunities for disaster. These mishaps won’t only leave you frustrated; they’ll extend your project and lose you money too. Garage conversion builders are experts in their field; they’ve completed numerous garage conversions to the highest possible standard— they know what they’re doing and do it well.


Garage Conversion Vs Extension

A garage conversion requires changing and developing an existing garage into a new, functional space. Whereas, a garage extension demands extending your garage or property to create extra space. Whether you require an extension or conversion will depend on your property and the purpose of this space. To learn more about garage conversions vs garage extensions, talk to your professional building contractor. An expert builder will be able to help you decide which style of garage suits you and your needs.


If you’re ready to convert your neglected, old garage, there’s never been a better time. With so many of us spending an increasing amount of time in our homes, it’s crucial our properties work for us. Whether you want to upgrade your garage for your beloved automobile or turn your garage into a room, professional construction and renovation builders can help you create a garage you love.

  1. Are you thinking of building a new home?
  2. Extend or expand your existing house?
  3. Convert your garage or loft?
  4. Kitchen and bathroom design?
  5. Do you need further advice on how to reduce the cost of your construction or building projects?

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Why Should You Hire A Professional Renovation Company?

Why Should You Hire A Professional Renovation Company?


Mid adult carpenter cutting wood with handheld saw while coworker helping him in background at construction site

Renovating your home is an exciting time. If you’ve been unsatisfied with your space for a while, or your living environment is no longer serving you, changing your environment can drastically improve your life. Whilst this is undoubtedly exciting, home renovations also come with a lot of demand. From the design process to the finishing touches, renovating your home is a lot of hard work. Hiring a professional renovation company helps ease this burden, reducing your stress and ensuring you receive your ideal renovation. In this blog post, we’re sharing why you should hire a professional renovation company to take care of your next renovation project.

You’re Guaranteed A Professional Finish

When you hire a professional contractor, you’re guaranteed a professional finish. With a wealth of experience and an advanced understanding of the industry, a professional renovation company will ensure no part of the project is unaccounted for. Whether you’re looking for a building company in London or bathroom renovation ideas, a professional contractor will be able to provide you with expert information and faultless work.

Ensure All Safety Regulations Are Met

Construction can be extremely dangerous. There are rules and regulations all construction sites need to meet, no matter how big or small. Doing your kitchen renovation yourself might seem like a good idea, but you’re likely overlooking crucial safety procedures. Ignoring safety measures won’t only put you and your family at risk, but it will also impact the quality and outcome of your project. By hiring a professional contractor, you’re hiring someone who lives by these rules and regulations every day. Whilst following the correct procedures might feel like a task to you, following safety regulations are second nature to these individuals.

If you’re a Londoner hoping to do a home renovation, keep your family and neighbours safe by hiring a building company in London.

Experienced Creatives With An Eye For Detail

It’s not all about the building; designing is a huge part of the renovation process. If you’re looking for a building company near you, but you’re not one-hundred percent sure on the design of your much-needed bathroom renovation or loft extension, don’t worry! A professional contractor can advise you on how to design your space. Professional contractors will have worked on hundreds of houses in your local area, many of which probably have the same layout as yours. The local contractor you hire will know what works well in the space, both functionally and aesthetically. Working on so many projects, a professional renovation contractor will have developed an eye for detail. Every minor element of your new space will be well-thought through and structured for ultimate practical and aesthetic value. Having a home renovation can be a stressful time. Eliminate any unnecessary stress, find a local contractor and let an experienced professional guide you. They say two eyes is better than one, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to home renovations!

Tip: If you’re looking for a contractor in London or your local area, Google, ‘construction companies near me’, or if your project is more specific, look up ‘loft conversion builders near’. Alternatively, if you know someone who has recently had a bathroom or kitchen refitted, ask them who they recommend and what their experience working with a local contractor was like.

Advanced Knowledge Of Industry

The benefits of hiring a professional renovation company extend beyond the physical home transformation. By hiring a professional renovation company in London, or further afield, you’re the recipient of advanced industry knowledge. Your professional renovation company likely has connections across the industry, and they’ll be able to provide you with advice and recommendations for other projects you’re looking to have done. Hiring a professional renovation company is hiring a team of people you can trust. These trained professionals have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing it. Develop a good working relationship with your local renovation company, and all future home projects will be a breeze.

A Fair Price

If you’re on the hunt for loft conversion builders near you because someone down the road had theirs converted for a great price, you’re going to want the same experience as they had! A professional contractor has a reputation to uphold. They want people to share and discuss their work, which means they need to maintain the same professionalism across all of their projects. By hiring a professional renovation company, you’re guaranteed a fair price. When searching for construction companies or loft conversion builders near you, make sure you ask for a quote for the project. Ask your contractor to break down this price, showing you exactly what you’re paying for and making sure you’re getting the same fair price as your neighbour down the road! Transparency is key when it comes to construction. Once you’ve discovered your ideal loft conversion builder, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ensure All Legal Measures Are Met

Just as there are essential safety measures, having a home renovation requires legal protection. Unfortunately, transforming your home isn’t as easy as just typing in ‘loft conversion builders near me’ or ‘construction companies near me’. Although this is a great idea to find a renovation company, you need to make sure all legal demands are met. Once you’ve found the local renovation company you want to work with, discuss all the legal proceedings with them. Working with a professional renovation company will require a contract, a valid contractors licence, and insurance. If you’ve discussed these with your contractor and all legal needs are met, you’re in safe standing to progress with your project. Not using a professional contractor increases the likelihood of scams, losing money through mistakes and infringing on local laws you might not be aware of as a resident.

Let yourself enjoy the renovation process and find excitement in your home alterations without the stress. Whether you’re searching for ‘construction companies near me’ or a well-experienced ‘building company in London’, this blog post has shared the benefits of hiring a professional renovation company. Give yourself the gift of a perfect home by hiring a professional renovation company to oversee your project.

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