Things To Consider When Building A Kitchen Conservatory Extension

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The kitchen is the heart of any home. Having a well-organised and spacial kitchen helps you cook quickly. However, consider the kitchen conservatory extension option if you plan to expand your kitchen. But obviously, it is never easy to convert or expand a space. Therefore, we have gathered some vital things you must consider while getting a kitchen conservatory extension.


What Is A Kitchen Conservatory Extension?

Before we dig into the detail, you need to understand what is kitchen conservatory extension. Many people believe that the kitchen is an essential room in the home, so adding a conservatory kitchen extension provides more space. By adding a kitchen conservatory extension to your home, you will be able to create a spacious and light atmosphere in your kitchen. Adding a stylish and functional conservatory kitchen extension to your home will enjoy the space to the fullest extent.

Why Is A Conservatory Kitchen Extension Required?

Generally, most households consider their kitchen the most important room. In addition to cooking and cleaning, it is a place where you greet guests, say good morning, and socialise with them. You’ll likely spend more time in the kitchen than in other rooms.

Your conservatory will only benefit from the addition of a so-called conservatory kitchen. In a responsive design, it could be worth considering if it efficiently uses your existing space.

Conservatory kitchens offer an abundance of space, perhaps their most significant advantage. You would have much more room in your home if you emptied the kitchen. Putting an extension on your house’s end will cause that. That room would be perfect for what you want to do, wouldn’t it? Almost limitless possibilities await.

Things You Need for A Kitchen Conservatory Extension

Aside from the extension, you will also need the following:

Planning Permission 

Planning permission is a must when you are building a kitchen conservatory.

The plans and layout determine planning permission. You can construct a kitchen conservatory extension under permitted development rights without requiring lengthy permits. There may, however, still be building regulations that you must follow.

If you are unsure of the requirement, you should consult a professional like Power Pillars. Alternatively, it is possible to inquire with the local authority if it is necessary to obtain planning permission.

Building regulations

Building regulations for conservatory kitchen extensions state that no more than 25% of the new extension’s floor area can be open or glazed. Glazing is less thermally efficient than solid walls, so this rule is in place to keep thermal efficiency high.

If the extension will meet thermal efficiency requirements or not, you must submit a highly glazed kitchen extension application. Building regulations applications are required for those who wish to go beyond 25%.

You can also work with the structural engineer or architectural technician about other aspects of the building code, such as ventilation and soundproofing.


Radiators are less efficient than underfloor heating, which is very popular. Now is the time to install underfloor heating if you’ve always considered it. Because the ground is being removed anyway, you might as well make the most of your conservatory kitchen extension.

Underfloor heating can be made eco-friendly by using ground source heat pumps. Stone or ceramic tiles would be the best flooring choice for your conservatory kitchen extension.


How should your kitchen be extended? It is possible to choose from many different designs and styles. A kitchen is generally located at the back of a house. Conservatories are designed to expand existing kitchens.

Many conservatories use glass as part of their walls. A solid wall should border the kitchen on either side of the conservatory. As a result, you cannot install cabinets and worktops on glass walls.

The design is something you need to get your head around. It is necessary to mark the area where you will build the extension. Professional designers can assist you with this, however.


Opening your kitchen into a conservatory requires feature or statement, task, and ambient lighting to create an ambiance.

An excellent lighting feature can be created with a lantern when upgrading or installing a conservatory. In the conservatory, lanterns over the dining area allow natural light to flood in and make a great design statement.

Feature lights will illuminate specific kitchen parts, such as an island or dining area, while task lighting will illuminate cabinets, food preparation areas, or sinks. Depending on the time of day or the purpose of use, ambient lighting can change the mood of a room.


If a door separates the conservatory from the kitchen, would you like it to be part of it? What type of door would be best for these two areas depending on the extension? The overall design will be affected by it, so it is essential to consider this.

Swing doors would take up valuable space in a small conservatory. Rather than using pocket doors, we recommend sliding doors.


The most significant factors in determining your budget are the size of your kitchen conservatory, materials used in expansion, location of kitchen conservatory extension and the design.

The cost of a kitchen conservatory extension may be higher than that of a conservatory, although conservatories are generally cheaper to build than extensions.

Even though you can buy a low-end PVCu conservatory for as little as £7,000 up front, the requirements of an open-plan conservatory are much higher. You are using specialised glass that costs up to 25% more than standard glass is required if you want to make your extension conform to the 25% glazing rule. There is a possibility that a kitchen conservatory extension can cost up to £40,000 for the structure only.

Kitchen Conservatory Extension Ideas

Here are some kitchen conservatory extension ideas that may benefit you:

Small Conservatory Kitchen

Don’t have enough space? Don’t worry. Here are small kitchen conservatory extension ideas for you.

Even if you don’t have much space available, adding a conservatory can completely transform the look of your kitchen. The homeowners in the example above built a lean-to-conservatory extension with bifold windows to provide easy access to their small garden.

It doesn’t take much space to make a big difference to a small kitchen.

Modern Conservatory Kitchen Extension

Conservatory kitchen extensions can be used as a social space for your family within your household. You can have a huge family kitchen in your conservatory built at the back of your home.

It is bright and welcoming to add a conservatory diner to a modern kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and pale wood cabinets are edgy choices. You can even turn your conservatory kitchen worktop into a dining table. Furthermore, Skylights and a breakfast bar can create a sleek look for a bistro-style conservatory kitchen extension.

Your conservatory kitchen extension will feel warmer if you add comfy chairs, a glass dining table, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

You can host large parties in a conservatory diner. Guests can seamlessly move from conservatory kitchen extension to garden with a patio door combination during summer BBQs.

Dining Space 

When you want a space where you can put your dining table or island, adding a conservatory extension to your kitchen makes more sense since your kitchen units won’t look good against a glass wall. Due to the lantern’s roof layout, pendant lighting is suspended dramatically from the pitched roof of the conservatory to create a focal point around the dining table.

Lean-to Kitchen Conservatory

The original brickwork is preserved in this extension since it runs against the rear wall. The extension resembles a lean against your house’s original walls, so it preserves it since it seems to lean against them. Also, lean-tos have good insulation and provide structural support for the rest of the house.

P-Shaped Kitchen Conservatory

P-shaped conservatories are formed by combining elements from Victorian conservatories and lean-to conservatories. By designing your new kitchen extension in a P-shape, you will maximise the space you might have available as well as achieve a visually stunning appearance.

Bottom Line

As with the extension of a conservatory or any other type, you can extend a kitchen and make it a more spacious place. A kitchen conservatory extension can provide you with additional dining space and be designed from scratch and integrated into a kitchen conservatory extension if you wish. It is all possible with proper planning and the assistance of a professional like Power Pillar. In terms of kitchen conservatory benefits, if you do it right and follow all building codes, an extension will add value to your home. Extending your home allows you to add square footage and increase the amount of light inside. Thus, it is a great idea to consider a kitchen conservatory extension.


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