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How Much Cost Is Involved In Building A Garage

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Building a garage from scratch can be timely as well as costly. Despite that, it requires permits to build a garage that is not permitted. The garage can help you have extra space at your home. Not only length, but it also adds value to your home. You can utilize it for numerous purposes. You can make it a study room, storage room, library, and even a bedroom. Meanwhile, the cost to build a garage differs and depends on various factors. In this Garage Building guide, we will have a detailed acknowledgement of the cost to build a garage in the London.

Costs Involved In Building A Garage

In the United Kingdom, the cost of a new garage varies based on the materials used and the level of artistry. You will incur the charge of materials in addition to hiring a builder to do the work. In addition to garage type, garage installation quality, and garage size, several other factors can determine the price of a garage. If you possess the skills to do it yourself and use cost-effective materials, it can be done for as little as £5,000. When labour costs and planning costs are factored in, the price can reach as high as £45,000 or £50,000 in some areas of the London.

The cost of building a garage will naturally go up as the size of the garage increases. Likewise, if you decide to install an expensive garage door or a high-quality finish, you will need to increase those expenses.

What Things Should You Have To Build A Garage?

While natural light during the day lifts your mood, your healthy home requires low light levels in the evening. Low light levels in the evening provide you with an optimum relaxing atmosphere. Getting light-blocking shutters and blinds may do the trick.

With the advancement in technology, there is also an option of electric smart home control blinds that can be controlled using your cell phone. So become in charge of light and temperature in your healthy home!


As far as the style of the garage is concerned, every person wants it to be as modern as possible.

You will also need to choose whether you want an attached garage or a detached garage. However, the latter option is usually less expensive, as outbuildings usually permit developments and give you more space.

However, it is common to require building permission or building regulations approval for an attached garage. However, how much to build a garage, you may ask. It depends on the following factors.


The size of the garage matters a lot. Everything depends on the size of the garage. The more oversized the garage, the more will be the material used, and the more will be the cost to build a garage. A single garage is most likely the best option if you own only one vehicle since it is much less expensive than a triple garage.


Even if you want to use your garage to park your car or store items, you should still make your garage look aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, you should consider painting which will cost anywhere from £17 to £30 per hour, to hire a professional painter and decorator.

Materials Used

It is essential to consider the materials you will be using while building your garage. The best materials to construct a library are bricks and concrete since they provide better insulation. The cost of these is higher than wood, so if you are working with a limited budget, this may make sense for you.


If you are planning to build a detached garage, you will have to get a permit from the government. However, the building would be illegal and demolished soon without a license. Therefore, it is advised to apply for the license and wait for approval.

Contractor Fees

The cost of building a garage depends on who does it and how much they charge. Others might charge a minimum or mileage fee depending on where you live.

You will also discover that builders’ rates vary by region in the London, so residents living in London may be charged fees as high as £200 per day while those living in the North West charge less than £170.

What Type Of Garage Do You Want To Build?

Single Garage

There is no average cost for building a concrete garage, but because it depends on the type of roof, the price varies from £13,000 for a flat roof to £16k for a tiled pitched roof. A brick garage can cost as much as £18,000 to £29,000, more than twice the original cost. A single garage is a good option for small machines such as motorbikes and small cars as a single garage easily accommodates these vehicles.

Double Garage

Depending on the type and size of the garage, concrete double garages with flat roofs range from $21,000 to $25,000. However, Costs are heavily influenced by where you live in terms of materials and labour.

However, you should note that most single garages are not usually large enough to accommodate large and modern cars. A double garage is generally regarded as a must if you have more than one vehicle in your household.

In addition to serving as a garage, a double garage can also be utilized as a utility room, fitness centre, workshop, or storage area for tools and equipment.

Prefab Garage

Prices for prefabricated garages differ primarily due to the size and materials used in constructing the structure. A garage kit can be supplied from £1000 to £3,000, with an average of £1000. Generally, the cost starts at £1000. Prefab garages are less expensive than fully-fledged extensions since they are shorter and have fewer materials than fully-fledged extensions.

Pitched or Flat Roof

Pitch versus flat roofs for garages is primarily determined by the initial installation cost and the potential cost of repairs. Garages with pitch roofs are much more expensive than those with flat roofs. Pitch roof garages are equipped with a peak at the top of the roof. The good thing about them is that they do not need frequent inspections; they last longer, are more substantial and are more resistant to bad weather than the old ones. Even though upfront purchases tend to be more expensive, you may end up saving money by purchasing upfront in the long run.

On What Things Garage Cost Depends?

Here are the key points that affect the price:


If you’re planning to build a garage in your backyard, you’ll need a considerable amount of concrete. Depending on your soil type, you may need more than you think.


Roofs with flat surfaces need more miniature woodwork than roofs with pitched surfaces, which is less costly than slate or tiles. Moreover, flat roofs take much shorter to construct than roofs with raised characters. However, a flat roof has a bad reputation because of its long duration. Flat roofs don’t last as long as tiled roofs, and they don’t look as attractive as tiled roofs.


It might be worthwhile to invest more in a double-skin garage, which is structurally more robust and insulated by its cavity, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the garage in the next few years or if you’re considering a garage conversion.


To add electricity to your garage, you will need to add a circuit to your consumer unit, and you may have to bury the cable. Garages will vary in price according to how far they are away from the house and how much wiring it needs.


If there are no soakaways on your property, you may need to install a new one. This may be enough if the rainwater pipes drain into an existing soakaway.

Finishing Off

Garages usually cannot be used until a driveway has been extended or modified, so the new garage reaches its threshold. Your driveway type will determine how much this extra work will cost you. Additional garage costs include security devices, gate hardware, and wireless door openers. As well as constructing a path from your garage’s side door, if it has one, you may want to consider the cost of landscaping. You can contact Powerpillar for more information.


Which garage is cheaper to build? An attached or detached garage?

A garage attached to the house is usually more affordable than a detached garage. It is the fact that virtually everything can be attached to the house wall with no problem at all since the house walls are already solid and sturdy.


Does the garage add value to the house?

It will depend on the type of garage you have built, whether you have a house or an apartment above your garage. This is typically the case regardless of the kind of garage. It has been proven that adding a brick garage to your home will naturally increase both its value as well as its appeal to future home buyers.

How long does it take to build a garage?

Depending on the weather and the speed and efficiency of the workers, building a garage can take between two weeks and two months.

How do you insulate a garage?

During construction, use double skin bricks to insulate the cavity wall. You can also protect garages with breeze blocks, which require installing timber frames inside walls and placing insulation around the edges

Do I Need Planning Permission for a New Garage?

There is no restriction on building garages within four metres of the ground as long as they are located within this distance. There will, however, be a requirement to get a permit if you want to extend the garage beyond this limit

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