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Dormer bungalow extension

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All You Need To Know About Dormer Bungalow Extension

It is common to see bungalow renovations when one wants to upgrade the living standard or correct the condition. Bungalow conversions can give you a second storey and expand your living space dramatically. Creating large open areas in bungalows can be a challenge using traditional roof structures, but modern building techniques make it possible to accomplish this task in a more practical and trouble-free manner. If you are planning to extend the boundaries of your house or add an extra room, consider a dormer bungalow extension.

What is a Dormer Bungalow?

Before moving to the essentials of dormer bungalow extension, it is mandatory to understand what is a dormer bungalow. Dormer bungalows are dwellings that have a dormer window in the roof space.

Why do you need a Dormer Bungalow?

There could be multiple reasons for dormer bungalow extension. It is likely that if you are looking for a way to increase the value of a home quickly, then a bungalow would be a great place to start since they have a lot of potentials. This internal space, which has vaulted ceilings, offers something a little out of the ordinary, and this makes it popular with homeowners who wish to use this space as a special area, such as a master bedroom. A dormer bungalow may be needed to create extra space in your house when your family is big.

Cost of Dormer Bungalow Extension

The dormer bungalow extension cost depends on various factors like size, material, and type. Generally, a typical bungalow dormer conversion will cost between £15,000 to £20,000, while more complex builds will range between £45,000 and above. This cost can vary depending upon the factors and your needs that will be discussed later in this article.

Factors Affecting the Cost

To make the most of your new space, you may need to hire a structural engineer or an architect to design detailed plans for your home extension. This will ensure that you are making the most of your new home space. It is possible that an average cost could be anywhere between 5%-15% of the actual project cost. The normal contract rate for an architect is approximately £60-£75 an hour and for a structural engineer, the contract rate is typically between £70-£90 an hour.Are your looking for a dormer bungalow extension services in low cost? Contact Us.


Prices of bungalow extensions will largely be determined by the size of the construction. As the size of the dormer bungalow extension increases, there will be a higher cost for the construction and the finish of the rooms.


A homeowner will always want his house to be built with perfection and promise durability. Therefore, to achieve one’s family’s protection, they choose high-quality materials. But keep in mind that the higher quality materials you choose to use in building your bungalow extension will increase the quality of your project and will also result in an extra cost.


There could be no room without a door or a window. Windows are essential for the ventilation in the room however, they can increase your budget. Meanwhile, the size, type and style of the door and window determine their cost. Trendy items will be of more cost.


You can hire a plasterer and decorator to finish the rendering and decoration of your new bungalow room once it has been completed. You will incur an additional charge if you do not do this yourself.

Ideas of conversion

There are numerous dormer bungalow extension ideas, but all depend on your needs, some of the ideas are as follows:

Continuous Dormer

Dormer extensions are a traditional style that got a contemporary twist with this design. It is a continuous dormer that allows the door to be open from the inside, giving the room an even bigger feel and more light. A continuous dormer can be best if you want an extra room for your big family. This can cost up to £20,000.

Full Height Windows

A dormer with full height windows is the newest trend in the market. Most of the bungalows are seen to be having this type of window. Extensions designed to bring in extra light are one of the best ways to brighten up the interior of your property. If you’re looking for a house that has a modern, spacious feel along with a very fresh feel, full-height windows are the perfect option.

Dormer with Facade

It may be necessary for you to match the extension of your dormer to the rest of your bungalow’s facade if your bungalow is in a conservation area or is historically significant. Having your design blend seamlessly together will give every detail a sense of harmony. A structure like this, built in a green belt, goes well with the timber of the facade of the new dormer on the roof.

Offering a View

Who does not like a room with windows showing nature but unfortunately the bungalow is built too low and you can not enjoy the mother nature. What if we suggest a dormer bungalow extension. This may seem right! The bungalow was built on a hill, which explains why it had a low roof which meant it didn’t offer a great view. Careful planning has gone into the positioning of the dormer extensions so that they will enhance the view from the new rooms without detracting from the style of the original house.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Planning permission may be required for your extension, so you should speak to the local authority about this. Several factors determine whether your extension is feasible, including its type, location, and size. It would not be a good idea to begin building the new dormer bungalow extension until you have received planning permission. Aside from this, there is also the issue of adhering to the building regulations whenever a new extension room is constructed. Such regulations are in place to ensure that you, as well as the building, are kept safe. It is estimated that it costs about £200 to apply for planning permission.

Is there any drawback to Dormer Bungalow?

Everything we opt for has some drawbacks because it is the truth that nothing can be perfect. In the dormer bungalow extension, the upper storey of the building will also have sloped ceilings. If there is only 4 feet of wall space above ground before sloping, you may want to consider that when planning your floorplan since you may have limited storage and headroom opportunities.
On the downside, you will have to make space in your living quarters to accommodate the staircase, therefore you can no longer use the living space as you wish.
Because some bedrooms will be located on the roof and there will be fewer windows on the outside walls, the lighting in the bedrooms will be reduced unless there is sufficient light on the roof or dormer windows are built.

How Can Dormer Bungalow Extension be Helpful?

A dormer bungalow extension does not cause the loss of space as they add space to your home. It has been shown that the unutilised space is often large enough to take up as much space as the footprint of a bungalow, providing an excellent addition to a bungalow.
The most lucrative advantage can be that a dormer extension adds value to your home.

Can I build Dormer Extension myself?

Building a dormer bungalow extension is not an easy task. It requires skills and professional moves. In addition, building an extension can take months thus it is good to say that you may not build it yourself unless you are an architect.


Building a dormer bungalow extension can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. However, once it is done it will help you to generate great revenue if you rent it out. In addition, it will not hurt any of your garden space. Thus, you will get space as well as an extra room in your house which certainly adds up to the value of your house as well.

If you are still  confused  about  dormer bungalow extension you can take help from our trusted builders Power Pillars.

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