The living room is a special place in every home where one relaxes after a long day. It is also a room where family members gather to talk, celebrate, and enjoy special events. That is why investing in features and furniture for your living room update is a wise investment! You can invest in building services for custom cabinetry or new light to add to the beauty and look of your living room.

We are here with 8 living room updates that can transform your living experience completely! Read below to find creative ways to make your living experience better!

1. Fireplace

A great fireplace is the living room update that can add to the look and luxury of your modern living space. Therefore, consider getting someone to add a fireplace to your living room.

The best part about getting a fireplace is that it does not cost as much. You can get simple or second-hand surrounds for roughly £100. If you are looking for a more glamorous fireplace, such as Victorian cast-iron surrounds, it will cost around £200-400. As for carved stone surrounds, their prices vary from hundred pounds to several thousand.

2. Door Furniture

Beauty lies in the details! Notice the door handles and light switch plates in your living room! It may be time to give them a makeover! You can get the door plate removed and cleaned or replaced to get a modern living space that adds to your home’s beauty.

3. Storage Matters

This living room update is quite popular and functional as well! You can get shelves and add books and decoration pieces to it. You can even get custom cabinets to give your modern living space a fresh look. Getting cabinets and shelves in a complementary or trendy colour can completely transform your living room!

4. Sofa

The sofa is the heart of your living room update! A comfortable and stylish sofa can enhance the magnificence of your modern living space. Investing in a good-quality sofa benefits you long-term.

For selecting the best sofa for your living room, think about the shape of the sofa: Do you prefer an L-shaped design or a long, squishy one? Then, be sure to check that the sofa size will fit in your room. You can mark out the sofa’s shape on the floor with tape.

Then comes sofa filling. If you want a soft sofa, fibre fillings are the right choice for you. However, they require daily plumping. You can also get foam filling that is more firm and retains its shape. The firmness of foam varies, so it is good to try before selecting one.

Feathers are very squishy. However, they clump together. The best choice may be to get a mixture of foam and feathers or fibre.

5. Light It Up!

What is the use of modern living space if it is not well-lit? A magnificent light can make your living room shine. There are several choices for light fittings, so take your time choosing one that is affordable, beautiful, functional, and matches your room’s style.

If you have a high ceiling, you can get a striking chandelier that will give your living room an artsy feel.

6. Reupholstering

Reupholstering is an efficient way to give another chance to a favourite piece of furniture. It is also a smart way to display a fun fabric in your modern living space. A chair with a bright fabric can stand out against the dull walls.

Reupholstering can be expensive, but it is worth it as it is a functional, long-term investment. You may pay for it around £400-£1200.

7. Cornicing

Restoring cornicing is the living room update that you need! If your cornices have been removed or need refitting and repair, consider restoring them. Cornicing can give your room an elegant appeal. Cornices in various designs come at different prices. Some may cost £35 for 3m. Detailed cornices may cost even more than £1000.

Many companies are also experts in making moulds of the existing cornice to cover the damaged areas.

8. Windows

Your living room windows can get a new look with curtains! Think of curtains as artwork. You can play with patterns, textures, fabric, and style to transform your modern living space.

If you are adding curtains to a finished living room, get a fabric that complements the colours in your decor. Several ready-made curtains are available in the market, but you can invest in made-to-measure curtains for something unique. Prices of curtains vary depending on fabric, width, drop, style, finish, and lining. Floor-length curtains can give a more royal look to your living room.

We hope you benefit from these living room updates! If you are looking for building services for your living room or require home renovation and refurbishment services, consider Powerpillar!

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