Home Refurbishment

Home Refurbishment

Home Refurbishment

Home Refurbishment We can design, re-create and construct renovation to turn your dreams into reality. We understand that every element of your home is important to you hence we provide our clients with quality work. Get your home renovated into your dream kitchen and increase your home’s value. Affordable Home Refurbishment London In the initial

Property Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance Your trusted one stop for all of your residential and commercial property maintenance needs. With over years of experience, we provide you with a solution for all of your maintenance problems under one roof. We offer a wide range of internal and external office, industrial, commercial and residential maintenance/ handyman

Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion What do you utilize your garage conversion for? On the off chance that it’s transformed into a store room than a spot to park your vehicle, then perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to consider utilizing what could be an important resource. Garage conversion is the perfect solution for someone who wants more space

Property Management

Cheap Property Management If you are looking for home, bathroom or kitchen renovation expacts, then you have come to the right place. Powerpillar offers a dependable and quality one-stop-shop service for all your renovation needs. We have plumbers, general builders, electricians and everybody else you may require for your project and all of them are

Home Extension

Home Extension As property costs inch relentlessly higher a lot of us are deciding to redesign and expand our homes, rather than relocating. Another good reason for house expansion can be that you and your family likes’ the locality you are living in and don’t want to relocate but you need a bigger house. House

Еlесtriсаl Ѕеrviсеѕ

Еlесtriсаl Ѕеrviсеѕ We specialize in maintenance, re-wiring, alterations and much more providing an extensive range of electrical services for clients adding value to ensure a positive experience, Electrical Services in London Our services include residential electrical services like general maintenance, home inspections, sensors, smoke alarms, outdoor and indoor lighting etc. making your home a safe

Home and office clearance

Home and Office clearance Everyone out there wants a clean home and office that would be an impression of their own style and have the option to convey the solace they need simultaneously. Besides that, it’s likewise significant that it has the correct apparatuses and conveniences that are fit for giving capacity and incentive also

Bathroom and Kitchen Contractors

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Get your kitchen and bathroom renovated into your dream kitchen and bathroom and increase your home’s value. We design custom built, modern and provincial bathrooms and kitchens exactly like the one you would have envisioned. Expert Bathroom and Kitchen Initially, we work with you to plan a strategy which includes the

Painting and Decoration

Painting and Decoration Services Whether you want to decorate or paint your new or existing home, office or school. We being commercial painters and decorators in UK have got the right solution to fulfill your needs. We consider your walls as a blank canvas and our experts ensure the best advice and results by helping