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We have exceptional garage conversion services to meet your custom requirements for a complete garage conversion from start to finish.

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As a specialist in garage conversion London, we can convert garages into office spaces, games rooms, guest suites, or whatever you need. The conversion of your garage is a fabulous way to increase the value of your home at a time when living space is limited. Many people move houses so they can have more space, ignoring the potential that is already there that can be developed at a significantly lower cost, which in turn increases the value of their property. The garage can be transformed into anything you need, including home offices, guest suites, games rooms, and extra entertaining space.

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Our Garage Conversion Specialists at Powerpillar are your best choice if you live in London or the surrounding area. Thus, you can count on us for garage conversions London regularly. So, please do not hesitate to contact us. The best garage conversion build the best modern looks.


Whether the initial planning application or the final site clearance and completion, we ensure a stress-free property extension experience.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in East London. Providing construction and renovation services London wide.

How Do We Work?

Building Structures

We start the garage conversion process by removing the garage door. For houses with gaps in their design and appearance, we can install doors, windows, or bricks that match your existing elements. A garage conversion can appear as though it was always there, integrating seamlessly with your home.

New Flooring

Our garage floors are typically made from solid, strong concrete. Due to our thick, extra-insulated flooring, we also have a lot of headroom, so our floors do not get very cold in the winter. Often garages have low ceilings, so it is essential to have a functional room. The garage conversion can also be levelled with your home’s rest by adding thicker flooring.

Making the Walls Look Good

A solid insulation slab was placed directly on the three other walls of your garage conversion to keep heat in. We insulate the front wall of your garage conversion and put solid slabs of insulation directly on the third wall. Afterwards, you can plaster, wallpaper, or paint these insulation boards.

Garage Conversion East London

A key focus of our company is the conversion and extension of garages. Garages serve many functions within your home, including storing and protecting your vehicles; they are integral components of most homes.
Your garage can be transformed into a room, hobby room, study, or kitchen space without increasing the size of your home.
A Powerpillar team can design a garage conversion east London that is innovative and stylish. We do garage conversions in London to enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality. However, the garage conversion cost varies from place to place and area to area.

Home Extension

Powerpillar-The Jack Of All Conversions

Often, cars are too large to park in garages, so they remain unused and only used as storage. Adding living space would be possible with the conversion, resulting in additional bedrooms, family rooms, utility rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, or home offices.

Most garage conversions take place inside, so your family has as little disruption as possible. Permitted development permits garage conversions, particularly if they do not alter the structure of the building. Before making a decision, you should always contact your local planning office.

A garage conversion London may require raising or lowering the floors and ceilings since garages tend to be higher or lower than your house. Some clients choose bricks to match the rest of their property, while others prefer something different to bring contrast to their homes. Clients often ask for the entire front of the property to be rendered. As soon as the construction is completed, insulation, plastering, electrical, and plumbing work will need to be performed.

Powerpillar’s highly skilled employees will convert your garage into a stylish living space by adding bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. Therefore, we can manage the entire project according to your instructions if you wish.

Garage Conversions London Wide by Professionals

When ready to upgrade your garage, you can hire Powerpillar’s garage conversion London team to build a library or at-home office. You can transform the space in your garage into a place where you can park your four-wheeler or work productively and comfortably. You can contact garage conversion experts to learn more about how they can help you.



Are Planning Permissions Required for Garage Conversions London?
It is usually not necessary to seek planning permission to convert a garage into a living space as long as it is internal work and does not involve enlarging the building. Some conditions restrict permitted development rights and may prohibit garage conversions without planning permission.
Do I Need Building Regulations Approval?
As converting a garage into a livable space involves a change of use,’ this type of conversion requires approval under the Building Regulations. A building notice or complete plans application must be submitted to your local council to notify them of the upcoming project.
What is the cost of converting a garage in the UK?
You should consider your garage’s size and specifications when determining the cost of garage conversion. Plastering, decorating, and other works are included in the average price of garage conversions. Depending on the type of conversion, garage conversion costs can range from £5,000 to $10,000.
Is a garage conversion worth it in the UK?
By converting your garage, you can increase the value of your house by 20% while also adding valuable living space. If the project’s cost is less than its value, it’s a great way to expand your property.
Do garages need to be insulated in the London?
It is not possible to give a fixed cost. Depending on the garage and the requirements, garage insulation costs vary. It is possible to insulate your garage solely with roof insulation or with roof and wall insulation combined. As low as £2,500 and as high as £6,000 has been spent on insulation garages.