Garden Room Extensions Everything You Need To Know

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Do you want to give your home a unique and exciting look? Did you think about adding a garden room extension? If not, then this is the right to ponder the concept.

Having a broad and open house attracts positive energy. It brings you closer to nature when you welcome the bright sunlight through the window. Adding a garden room is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Your home will naturally increase in value, but you’ll also have additional space to work, entertain or relax. Garden buildings offer several benefits. If you plan to add a garden room extension to your home, this guide is for you!

What Is A Garden Room Extension?

You can build a separate building in your garden called a Garden room extension. But, of course, the insulated garden rooms from Green Retreats are protected, meaning they can be used all year round. 

You can create a highly versatile, adaptable space with the help of a garden room that you can add to your home. Garden room extensions are efficient, stylish, and cost-effective, in addition to being highly practical.

Garden Room Extension Ideas

There are limitless garden room extension ideas; you can go for what you think is the right one. Below are some attractive garden room extension ideas in the London.

Side Return Extension

So, on the top of the list, we have a lean-to garden room extension. It is also sometimes referred to as the side lean return extension, built on the side. Adding a terrace or semi-detached house can significantly enhance the appearance of a neighbourhood since it has a narrow strip of space. Even though it occupies only a tiny amount of space, it can be used to reorganise warren-like layouts. It is crucial to consider natural light when choosing lighting sources. A pivot door and a fixed picture window in the kitchen provide an outdoor connection. 

Glass Garden Room

Next, we have a glass garden room extension. We offer glass garden rooms that can be used all year round, unlike traditional conservatories notorious for being very cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Regardless of the weather, you can maintain a comfortable temperature with our accessories, such as bespoke blinds and outdoor heaters.

People are reluctant to buy conservatories because they are hard to install and look old-fashioned. To build on your garden, you may need to apply for planning permission. It won’t be a problem if you want to block the view of your garden since most of our glass garden rooms don’t need planning permission. Glass garden rooms are a great alternative to conservatories if you don’t want to commit to permanent house extensions. 

Home gym 

People are always interested in having a home gym, whether the gym is open or closed. Creating an indoor gym at home has one significant advantage: you can make it any size as long as the equipment fits inside. 

Garage With Living Space

A garden building project can also involve the construction of a new garage or extending an existing one. A common feature of rural homes is an oak-framed structure and an upstairs room frequently used as an office, den, or games station.

Porch additions

A porch extension is excellent for creating more space if a front door opens directly into your living room. Adding a porch may also be an option if you have a small hallway ahead of your main entrance.

Games Room 

Enjoy a variety of entertainment options under one roof, including games, relaxation, and hosting. If you had a garden, you could play games with your friends and family. Your game room can contain whatever games you choose. So get some fun and blow off steam in your own space! 


Benefits of Having a Garden Room Extension

Floor Space

Extending your home can be highly inconvenient, troublesome, and expensive. Alternatively, you can create a garden room without hassle and add extra floor space to your property.

Building a home gym, office, salon, or studio in your house will require removing a conventional room that has already been incorporated into your home. Unlike balcony rooms, garden rooms are unique and separate areas that can be used in various ways without being a hindrance or lacking appeal!

Garden rooms will increase the value of your home much more than a conventional home extension, even if the value won’t grow as much as that of a traditional home extension.

Enhance a house’s elegance

Most garden rooms are architecturally ground-breaking, elegant, and economical, especially the ones designed and built from the ground up.

You’ll also be able to attract more buyers to your property with a garden room, which will enhance its attraction and charm.

A garden room in your house will undoubtedly attract more people to view it if you put it on the market someday, resulting in faster sales and higher prices since buyers won’t want to miss out on a great deal if someone else comes up with an even better value.

Get business owners’ attention

Home offices with dedicated and preferably isolated working spaces are in high demand these days. We often build garden rooms for our clients to use as offices, and many prospective buyers we speak with mention that a home office would be a deal-breaker for them.

A private home office area in the garden far from a person’s living space is highly desirable for those who work from home. For many people, it is important to separate work from home life. In addition, you can keep your professional, and personal lives separate from home offices because you can leave the house to work.

Make Your House More Valuable

You can certainly enhance the overall appeal of your house with a pretty ritzy and urbane garden room.

Also, it adds considerable prominence to your property due to its increased floor space. A more attractive home is also a more valuable one financially. A beautiful and functional garden room will significantly increase the value of your home compared to a poorly constructed one.

Garden Rooms Are Appealing!

Every house is valued more when it has a good garden. The garden room of a typical household could look splendid when it is designed well, has a lot of space, and is architecturally practical.

Considerations For Your Garden Room Extension

Location & Size

Building Garden Room Extensions on any part of your house is possible, but before doing so, you should consider your space and how best to place the extension. When it comes to increasing living space, it can be tough to decide whether to give up some of your much-loved gardens. 


Conservatories and house extensions are more expensive than garden rooms. Convertibles do not suffer from structural or foundational problems. Dealing with building contractors is part and parcel of extending your house, but there are none of the costs and hassles. Garden rooms are less expensive than conservatories but are warmer, more versatile, and more usable than conservatories.


Several factors can determine the price of a Garden Room Extension, including the building specification and groundwork.


Any design style can be incorporated into a Garden Room Extension, from garden offices to guest bedrooms. You can also design a Garden Room Extension to complement your garden design or theme or to match your home’s exterior by rendering brick slips. You can incorporate anything into your build. 

Planning permission is not required

As long as your garden room is single-storey and does not take up more than half of your total garden space, you won’t need planning permission. Most buyers don’t have to worry about securing planning approval. There are some exceptions, though. Planning a house extension can be a headache, and this is a significant advantage over a garage conversion. Opt for a versatile, personalised garden room instead – we think it is best to avoid it entirely.


Construction work

When planning to add an extension, consider whether you need to do more than just lay the foundation in the area. For example, if drainage systems and maintenance holes need to be relocated, your overall budget may increase, and the project may require more time. 

Garden room Extension Cost

An extension to a garden room is likely to cost more or less depending on several factors. A wall, a ceiling, and a floor are the only constants in construction costs. A user’s style determines how much the remaining price will be based on extensions from the furniture. The average cost of a room would be between £25,000 and £35,000. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Garden Room Extension


It would be best to consider this when calculating the cost of your outbuilding or garden room extension. More labour and materials are needed for more significant buildings, increasing costs.

Used material

Construction methods and materials can differ. Off-the-shelf prefabricated timber designs are the most cost-effective. For an intermediate structure, you could use paintable breeze blocks. Brick-built outbuildings are among the most expensive.



Your new heating or water services can be connected to your outbuilding more easily if it is close to your house. However, if a long garden and an outbuilding need to be out of the way, your builder will have more work to do, thereby increasing the construction cost.


Materials and fixtures play a huge role in determining the overall cost of an extension. Aside from its use, the outbuilding should also be considered. 



Using your garden room for a variety of purposes is not necessary. Instead, use your outdoor space to your advantage by creating a multi-purpose garden room.  Stay updated with the latest  informative gardening blogs.

 We can create the perfect room for you if you need a gym, hot tub, bar/dining area, or an office and storage room. It’s up to you what you want to combine.



Do you need planning permission for a garden room attached to the house?

Getting planning permission to build a Garden Room is usually unnecessary since it is classed as an outbuilding.

Is there a maximum size for a garden room without planning?

No planning permission is required for garden rooms that exceed 50% of the existing land around the original house.

How does the 4-year rule work?

It is possible to apply for a certificate under the ‘4 Year Rule’ to determine if your unauthorised use or development can be legalised with time rather than complying with space standards and will not require planning permission in the future.

Are garden rooms worth the investment?

The value of your home can be increased by between 5% and 15% thanks to a high-quality garden room that not only attracts more buyers but also enhances its appeal.

Does it make sense to build a brick garden room?

There are various ways to build garden rooms in the London, most of which are made from timber but can also be made from bricks. Most bricklayers can build one, but a limited number of garden room specialists specialise in bricks.


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