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If you are tired of seeing the same condition of your home and need its Refurbishment, we can assist you in this matter. At Powerpillar, our aim is to provide all valuable customers with desirable home Refurbishment services or home improvement solutions in UK. Try our expert team and see how we turn your vision for an attractive house into a reality. As a house Refurbishment contractor, we transform simple homes into remarkable buildings that are bound to impress their residents and others. So, explore the possibilities for a remodelled home with us and get what you dream of.  

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Common issues of homeowners associated with house renovation

There are a few issues that homeowners generally face for their house renovation or refurbishment. The issues are:

  • Budget constraints:

Some clients have a low or medium budget range for their house remodelling projects. That’s why they feel unsure about hiring a reliable house Refurbishment contractor for their home. 

  • Lack of communication:

The lack of communication could lead to dire consequences during home modification. Therefore, you should inform your contractor about your expectations for the project precisely so that they could have a clear idea of your requirements because when they don’t know what you exactly need from the project completion, you could have some unwanted results. 

  • Overfocus on appearance:

When you overly focus on the look of a room for its remodelling, some safety or structural issues might arise that could be dangerous for you and your loved ones.

Solutions of your home Refurbishment issues

We have the following solutions of general home Refurbishment problems:

  • Inexpensive services:

As a house refurbishment company, we provide highly affordable solutions to our customers made according to their specific requirements, so they don’t have to face budget constraints to complete their home remodelling project. 

  • Note-taking for every project:

When clients hire us for their home refurbishment project, we note every minute detail regarding their expectations and renovate their homes accordingly. Plus, if we’re unsure about anything, we contact our customers to remove our ambiguity and do every possible task to deliver remarkable services for them.

  • Precaution for safety:

With our proactive approach, we inform our client timely what their aesthetic expectations might lead their home towards. So, they never get a chance to observe any safety or structural issues after their home Refurbishment.


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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in UK. Providing construction and renovation services.

Benefits Of Our Home Refurbishment Services

There are the top three benefits that you get with our home refurbishment services. The benefits are:

Increase in your property value

Your property value increases with us as we’re an expert in providing house renovation or remodelling services.

Improvement in energy efficiency

After your property renovation with us, energy efficiency will be improved in your home, and you’ll save a high amount of money on your utility bills for a long time.

Solution of your safety issues

Your safety issues are bound to be solved with our house renovation services, and you’ll not observe any structural damage(s) for many years that might be dangerous for your home, family, or both.

Comprehensive services from your home refurbishment company

With Powerpillar, you’ll get comprehensive house refurbishment solutions that are:


Kitchen remodelling

We’re adept at providing a sophisticated appearance to kitchens. With our kitchen remodelling services, your kitchen will look brand new, and you could cook your food reliably and comfortably there.


Bathroom refurbishment

Our bathroom refurbishment services will convert your bathroom into a comfortable, elegant, and spacious room.


Interior redesigning

With our interior redesigning services, your home will internally adopt an amazing appearance and impress your family and guests.


Exterior makeover

When an exterior makeover is applied to the external sides of your building, your house not only attains a stunning look but also becomes safe for its residents.

Our step-by-step guide for your home refurbishment:

We take the following steps for your home refurbishment:

Commercial Refurbishment


We’ll plan refurbishment with your assistance and decide which areas of your home we have to renovate and which not.


After making a plan for your house refurbishment, we demolish a few walls and some basic structural elements as this step is required to provide a refined appearance to any building during its renovation.

Rebuilding and reframing:

The extent of this step depends on your plan. You may extensively require to rebuild some walls, or you may need to reframe a few windows or doors, etc. During this phase, any rebuilding and reframing work is done.

Repairing of mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical items:

Basically, anything that needs to go inside your floors, walls or ceilings is fixed during this step. Whether your building needs rewiring or replumbing up to some extent or great extent, the work has to be completed during this step.

Painting of walls:

After the completion of all four steps, the walls are painted.

Renewal of floors:

During this step, we renovate your floors according to your requirements so that you could have attractive and durable floors to put your feet on.

Fixing or installation of cabinets:

The cabinets are fixed or installed during this stage for your house renovation. 

Installation of appliances:

At this stage, the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and other appliances are installed in your building. 

Final step of renovation:

This is the stage during which all accessories and furniture are moved to their perfect positions inside your home.

Commercial Refurbishment

Why choose our renovation company?

  1. We’re trained home refurbishment experts as have relevant experience of many years.
  2. With us, you get what you require as 100 % customer satisfaction is our top priority.  
  3. We’re famous for our home renovation services in the market. You may verify that via our online customer reviews.

Our company’s expertise proof: A case study 

Jason Culbertson assigned Powerpillar Ltd their kitchen refurbishment project. According to this client, the team showed craftsmanship, professionalism, and attention to detail. From the initial consultation to the final result, the team exceeded his expectations. They not only communicated with Culbertson properly but also completed this project timely. Therefore, Culbertson highly recommends Powerpillar Ltd for any home refurbishment project.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in UK. Providing construction and renovation services.

See what our customers say

“Collected the keys and asked if they can start the same day? Their management and how fast these guys work is amazing. Demolition, electrical and plumbing started the same day. 2 skips gone in one day as they have good relationships with them. Clean and organised working people. The price for the immediate start and 6 weeks 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet and kitchen full house refurbishment is worth it though not the cheapest but we are very happy. Very recommended.”

Janet Brown’s

“They actually know what they are doing.They were very efficient and professional in their job.
They gave very effective advice and were ready to listen to my concerns.
They delivered the job on time as agreed and were very confident enough to offer a one year guarantee.
Really happy with their performance.”

Mr G Obi’s

“Glad I found this company.

We had a leak and were scared it was the underfloor heating.
They fortunately found that the leak was coming from an adjacent bathroom and fixed everything in a couple of days.
They are professional, ho est, on time and nice people, will definitely use again and very happy to recommend them.”


"We had our house extended, loft and garage converted by the Powerpillar team. Working closely and understanding our needs and they did a great job."

Elisha Eva


Do you need a permit to renovate a house UK?

Yes, in most cases, you will need a permit, such as planning permission or building regulations approval, to renovate a house in the UK.

Is property refurbishment worth it?

Yes, property refurbishment can be worth it as it can increase the property’s value and improve its appeal.

How much does home refurbishment cost in UK?

There are different costs of home refurbishment in the UK due to factors like work scope, useable materials, and location. But the refurbishment cost generally has a range of 1000-3000 pounds per square metre.

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