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We at Powerpillar are one of the leading interior decor companies for home refurbishment providing our customers with innovative interior design ideas.

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Redecorating Your Home

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, don’t be discouraged by the thought of all the work involved and cost of refurbishing a house. With a complete planning and creativity, we can easily give your home a fresh new look. Your home is your personal space and it should reflect your style and personality. At the same time, it should be comfortable and functional. This can be a difficult balance to achieve, but it is possible with the help of a professional interior designer.
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Cosmetic Refurbishment

Does your property need less repair than others or is the structural work already done? With new floors, ceilings, skirting, doors, wallpaper, paint, and even some external rendering or masonry, we can ensure that it looks fantastic.

Home Refurbishment Specialists, Providing Home Decoration and Renovation Services

Looking to renovate your home? We’re here to help. Our team of home renovation specialists provide decoration and renovation services that will transform your space. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and style, and we’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Contact us today to get started.
We provide a range of services for home refurbishment in London, from kitchen and bathroom installations to whole house renovations. Our team of experts will help you achieve your dream home with bespoke designs and expert advice on the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for a more modern space or more traditional style, our team will work with you to create the perfect look for your home. We specialise in the design and installation of luxury, bespoke interiors. We work with you to create a home that reflects your personality, and we’ll ensure that it’s beautiful, functional and practical.
We are a very popular London refurbishment company and worked on projects across London and the South East with our work has been featured in many publications.
Our services include:

  • Home refurbishment
  • Home renovation
  • Kitchen design & installation
  • Bathroom design & installation

At Powerpillar, we believe that a home should be a place of comfort and beauty. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire home or just one room, we have the expertise you need to make your dream home a reality. We have been providing high-quality services in London for over 20 years, so whether you’re looking for new plumbing, electrical work, or insulation, we can help. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible home refurbishment services at reasonable prices. We take great pride in our work and will make sure that any job is done right the first time around. You can count on us to provide friendly service from start to finish—from initial consultation through completion of any project—so contact us today!

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in East London. Providing construction and renovation services London wide.

Perfect Home Refurbishment Services

Being a part of London’s leading home refurbishment companies, with a reputation for excellence in every aspect of our business. From the moment you contact us, you will be treated as if you were one of our own family members: we take care of all the details, so that you can focus on making your home beautiful again. We provide our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship, unparalleled professionalism, and an unsurpassed level of service. Our goal is to make sure that everything from start to finish goes smoothly and without stress—because we know that it’s hard enough to organise a project like this!

Our team is fully trained in all aspects of interior design and construction. This means that when it comes time for us to work on your home, we’ll be able to handle any problem—whether it’s a simple fix or something more complicated like removing asbestos or rewiring an entire electrical system (and yes… we’ve done both!). As previously said, we craft personalised, in-depth programs only for you. We will fully comprehend your allocated budget for the house renovation as well as the time constraints we must adhere to. When we have all the information we need, we can make a plan for how the apartment or home renovation will go, identifying potential issues and figuring out how to solve them quickly and affordably.
Whether you’re wanting to renovate a home to live in or you have property you wish to modernise in order to sell on for a profit or rent out to tenants for a healthy rental yield, our professionalism will help you unleash the potential of your property.

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What home improvements adds the most value?
The most valuable home improvements that increases your house value are refinishing hardwood floors, installing new wood floors, upgrading insulation, converting a basement to a living area and renovating closets.
Why home renovation is important?
Renovation raises the value of the building and lengthen its lifespan, so they are an investment not only in your quality of life but also in the structure itself. Reduced energy use, lower utility expenses, and future maintenance costs all contribute to long-term savings.
How much does it cost to refurbish house?
The ultimate expenses vary depending on the actual work that needs to be done, the type of property, or whether any structural alterations are being made. For a three bedroom property, renovation expenditures typically vary from £38,000 to £74,000.
Is renovating an old house worth it?
To put it simply, renovations are cheaper than re-building a home in all its whole However, many realize that the price of renovating is often greater than the expense of knocking down and re-building.