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We are the leading House Extension Builders in UK wide with a panel of experienced House extension developers.

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We at Powerpillar can provide you with the highest quality services. Providing bespoke house extensions in UK for homes of all sizes, our projects are designed to expand your space and bring new life to your home. House extensions UK can add value to your property and provide more space for a growing family. We specialise in designing and building house extensions that meet your needs. We are qualified, experienced builders in UK that can turn your ideas into reality in just a few weeks.

Powerpillar UK House Extension Design and Planning Services

No matter where you’re located in UK, we can help you with all your house extension needs, whether an all-new or two-storey rear extension. Our extension designs conform to building regulations and council planning requirements and are designed based on your specifications. In the meantime, our expert builders will be on site for a fixed duration and will let you know precisely what you’ll be charged.

Regular progress meetings will keep you informed as your UK house extension project progresses, and your dedicated project manager will answer any questions you might have.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation company serving UK wide. Providing construction and renovation services.

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Others use decades of experience extending properties in United Kingdom to guide you from start to finish with their knowledge of property markets, planning authorities, challenges and solutions, materials, design ideas, technologies and trends. We will be with you, whether you have grand plans to build a new house or more modest extension aspirations in the UK.

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The resale value of your home can be boosted with our bespoke UK home extension services. Our single or double-storied extension services can be customised to meet your needs and budget. Whether you want an extra living room or kitchen, we always strive to meet your needs. Our architects also create excellent designs for home offices, dining areas, living spaces, conservatories, and kid’s play areas.

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What if I'm not sure whether I'll extend my house? Should I apply for planning permission?

You are entirely responsible for this decision. The value of your property can be significantly increased if your planning permission application is approved. Hence, it might be worthwhile if you plan to sell your house in the near future.

Should I inform my neighbour about my house extension plans?

We recommend that you talk to your neighbour first when you are planning to build a semi-detached or terraced house extension.

When the building work is being done, can I stay at home?

Indeed, if the scope of the work allows it and you can accommodate some disruption, dust issues, and noise, then you can do so. The contractors we work with will try to minimise these issues whenever possible.

Is it possible to plan, design, and build a basement extension?

Without a doubt. There is, however, a greater likelihood that this type of property extension will require planning permission due to the more complex structural changes involved.

How does Permitted Development work?

Homeowners are granted permitted development rights that give them more freedom to enlarge their homes. As long as you comply with relevant rules, it is possible to expand your property to a certain degree, more than the norm, without having to apply for Full Planning Permission, which can be a tedious and expensive process.

Several extensions include single and double-story extensions, loft conversions, front and rear porches, outbuildings, solar panels, dormer skylights, and new windows. In conservation areas, permits cannot be granted for double-story extensions, loft conversions larger than the original, flats or most properties.

Is building approval required for my project?

Building Regulations, drawings and controls are significant to ensure people’s safety in buildings. Approved buildings comply with national standards to protect people’s health and safety. Structural calculations, fire safety, insulation, dampproofing, foundations, heating, ventilation, and access are among the factors in building regulations. Before beginning construction, you must submit and approve building regulation drawings once you have received planning permission.