Covid-19 pandemic has made working from home a norm and that is where home offices have become prevalent. Did you know how to optimize your home office? Working from home has resulted in greater productivity and happiness for employees. Therefore, even when offices reopen, many still prefer to work from home.

However, working from home does not mean that you sit on your bed or sofa with your laptop for eight hours a day! To sit in front of the screen and work all day, you require a comfortable, relaxing, and happy home-working environment that makes you feel better physically and mentally. That is why your home office needs good light, climate, and fresh air. Let us look at ways to optimize your home office to enhance your working experience.

1. Avoid glare or reflection

Having the right amount of daylight in your home office will certainly make your work more pleasurable and relaxing. However, if the light falls at the wrong place, it can cause a problem. If sunlight hits the computer directly, it can become impossible to read the computer screen. Likewise, if a harsh glow of light falls behind the screen, you will need to squint to make out the written word.

You need smartly-designed windows that provide you with the right amount of daylight whilst reducing glare. As for the case of roof light, integrated shutters and blinds that can be adjusted to get the right intensity of light are perfect. Another great option is translucent blinds that do not create a dark vibe in your room and simply soften the harsh daylight.

2. The right temperature

Having the right temperature in your home office is crucial to your productivity. If you are hot or cold in your home office, it can make it difficult for you to work well.

You can make your home office less hot with anti-heat blinds and shutters that decrease passive heating. These blinds and shutters help create a cool temperature in your home office. Anti-heat blinds and shutters are created from transparent fabric, so they do not stop your home office from getting natural light.

If you want to make your home office less cold, energy blinds can do the magic!

You can also get an indoor climate control that automatically operates shutters, blinds, and awnings and protects your home office from excessive heat and cold.

3. Take time off from the screen

Sitting in front of your screen continuously throughout the day is detrimental to your health. So make sure to go outside and breathe in the fresh air after every 20-30 minutes. If you have a home garden or a park near your home, it’s even better! Sit under a tree or walk in the grass to revitalize your mind. Make sure to focus your eyes on objects in the far distance to exercise your eyes.

You can even get creative roof light designs that transform into a balcony from a roof window in no time, giving you the chance to breathe, stretch, and enjoy without leaving your home office.

4. Go Big!

A good amount of daylight can make your home office a welcoming and creative place. It can help you concentrate on your work and give your best. So consider getting the right amount of daylight in your home office.

You can do this by getting a sloping window element to get a good amount of natural light. Pale colours on surrounding surfaces can also add to the light levels in your home office.

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