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Do you need new home builders in United Kingdom? Powerpillar is the right choice if you’re looking for a new home builder.

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At Powerpillar, we truly understand how significant your new home construction project is for you. That’s why, as new build contractors, we’re available to build your home according to your desires and construction regulations.

Our new home solutions would definitely bring such a building into existence that you often dream of for yourself and your loved ones. So we take care of every relevant task to build your special home that you may enjoy with your family for the rest of your life.

Challenges Faced by Clients When Building a New Home

Clients face several challenges when building a new home for themselves and their family. For instance

Planning permission

When building a new house, a client has to acquire a planning permit so that their construction project could be completed without any issue. But acquiring this permit is a lengthy and complex process for every customer like you. Therfore, they require a builder or contractor who could assist them in acquiring this permit.

Budget constraints

Every client has a specific budget limit for their home construction project that they have to abide by. Therefore, they require a builder who could serve them cost-effectively. Does this case sound like yours?

Design issue

As a client, you require a designer who could create elegant and effective designs for your new home. However, finding such a designer could be a challenge in today’s age where there are many home designers to choose from.

Management of labourers

When you’re constructing your new home, you have to deal with a lot of tradespersons such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and others. Managing all of them at the same time is a tough task for you. Plus, these labourers might also delay your construction process due to their lack of coordination. Therefore, you require a contractor who could manage these workers, so you may focus on other significant construction matters.

Environmental consideration

When you’re building a new house, you have to adhere to green building standards. Therefore, as an example, you may employ eco-friendly materials and implement energy-efficient systems only. Adhering to green building regulations is a task that you cannot handle alone easily; you require a consultant for that. 

How Our New Build Contractors Overcome These Challenges?

As new build contractors, Powerpillar provides their customers with their planning permits so that they do not have to go through a long and complex process for the permits on their own.
Plus, we provide cost-effective services to our customers. Yes, our work won’t cost you beyond a decent limit for your home construction project.

Then, our designers ensure our clients get the design they imagine for their dream homes.
Keep in mind when you pick us for your project, you don’t have to deal with different labourers as we provide and handle them for you. In this way, you may concentrate on other essential affairs of your project.

Besides, our best new build developers make sure your new house adheres to green building regulations throughout the construction process.
Plus, we offer different building services for our customers to construct detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, mews houses, apartments, maisonettes, and bungalows. Whichever house type you want to be built, you’re bound to see your new home in completely magnificent form with our new home builders UK.

image showing a 3-metre house extension transforming into a dream cooking space.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in United Kingdom. Providing construction and renovation services.

Our Step-by-Step Process to Deliver Services Related to New Construction as Building Company

Step 1: Initial consultation

When you contact us for your new home construction project, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas. At this stage, we’ll talk about your requirements/needs and answer any queries you may have about our work.

Step 2: Design phase

During this stage, our designers team will generate a high-quality design for your new home based on your preferences and building regulations.

Step 3: Planning and permission

Once your home design is ready, we’ll manage the essential paperwork needed for your building project. So our home builders UK attain the construction approval letter from your local authorities and ensure everything is done according to your council regulations.

Step 4: Financial guidance

For your budget management, we’ll properly guide you, so you may have an idea of how much investment is required for the completion of your project.


Step 5: Site preparation

Before initiating our work, we’ll prepare your site for construction. This preparation includes the cleaning of the area, levelling of your ground, and marking out the boundaries of your new home.

Step 6: Project management

We’ll manage all the aspects of the project for you like handling of the tradespersons & scheduling of the work, and we’ll keep on informing you regarding the work progress as well.

Step 7: Construction

Our experienced team will build your new home according to the approved building plan; plus, they’ll ensure great attention to detail and high-quality work.


Step 8: Hand-over and final inspection

After the completion of our work, we’ll inspect your new home for the last time to make sure everything has been done according to the plan. Then, we’ll hand over your new home to you for your examination.

Step 9: Post-construction support

You may contact us for any assistance if you find any problem with your new home or if you require any changes/upgrades for your new building. 



How do I find a trusted builder UK?

To find a trusted builder in the UK, ask for recommendations from friends or family, check online reviews and ratings, and verify their credentials and certifications before hiring.

How much are new builds UK? Or How much is house construction UK?

The cost of new builds in the UK varies widely because of factors like location, size, and features. On average, the cost estimation for a house is between £1,750 and £3,000 per m2.

Should you pay a builder upfront?

Paying everything upfront might not be a good idea as something might go wrong (e.g., the contractor does not show up for your work after the upfront payment). Then, for example, when they ask you for a deposit to pay for materials, offer them to buy those materials yourself rather than paying any deposit. By doing so, you will at least own the materials in case of any problem.

Should you tell a builder your budget?

Yes, it’s generally recommended to share your budget with a builder in the UK. This helps them understand your financial limits and generate their recommendations and plans accordingly. In this way, they ensure realistic expectations and smooth project management.

Why Choose Us as Your New Build Contractors?

If you’re looking for building contractors who have many years of experience in offering high-quality new home solutions in the UK and are famous for their work quality in the market, then you might want to select Powerpillar as your house builders.

What Do Our Customers Have to Say About Our House Building Company?

"If you have the money this is the VERY BEST possible quality of building..it is more of an expereince than a construction company. They will not only consult you on absolutely everything from the foundations of the house to the placing of the finishing touches. This company is obsessed with absolute QUALITY! If you are looking for a specialist in providing a beautiful bespoke home, this is the company for you."

Terry Smith

"We are more than happy with Hector and his team. When unforseen circumstances came up, Powerpillar handled everything professionally. We are happy with the finished home."


A Story of Successful New Construction

According to a client, Henry Bush, Powerpillar Ltd accomplished their work per his expectations for a new home construction project. He wanted to create a detached house for himself and his family, and the customer stated Powerpillar performed exceptionally to build his dream home. Besides, according to Mr Bush, building company not only completed the entire house within the provided timeline but also made every possible effort to create a high-standard home for him and his family members.