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Powerpillar can help you convert your home into your ideal environment

As much as we love our homes, sometimes we get to a point where we feel as though we’ve outgrown the space we’re in. Feeling dissatisfied with our environments doesn’t necessarily demand we move house, or even make too much of a drastic change to our property.

Converting an existing space can help you feel refreshed in your environment and can provide you with a purposeful new space in your home. Loft conversions are the number one way people add value to their homes. A Loft Conversion can provide you with practical space, perfect for an office or guest bedroom, and it has the added bonus of increasing the market value of your property.

Think of the state of your loft currently. I bet it’s full to the brim with boxes of things you’ll never need. A cluttered house causes a cluttered mind and can leave you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your home. Those piles of boxes might be squirrelled away at the top of the house, but every now and then you shudder at the thought of them festering up there, don’t you? Sitting patiently to be sort through as they catch dust and provide the perfect playground for mice. It’s distressing and we can’t blame you for feeling frustrated. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The loft in your home could become a peaceful place, a space used for practical and enjoyable activities, rather than being home to, let’s face it, a lot of useless old junk!

Not only does how you treat your home affect you, but it has a profound impact on the value and appeal of the property. Even if you’re not considering selling up right now, it’s always a good idea to have one eye on the market and the other on your house, which I’m guessing isn’t currently reaching its full potential. Adding a loft conversion is adding an extra room to your property, which will drive up the market price of your property.

Expert Builders Specialising in Loft Conversions

If you’re ready to utilize all the space in your home and make the most out of your neglected loft, converting your loft with the help of expert builders is the perfect solution. Hiring experienced expert renovation builders means you can have that extra room without the hassle, stress and high price of building an extension.

Planning Permission

Before beginning your loft conversion, you need to check with your local authorities. All construction projects demand planning permission. Contact your local council to approve your conversion plans. This should be the first step in your journey to avoid any later complications and to provide you and your builders with peace of mind. Once you’ve received permission for your project, you can begin your loft conversion. Powerpillar Ltd can help you with such services.

Designing Your Loft Conversion

Designing your loft conversion can be an exciting process. Before you get carried away with designing the whole conversion yourself, consult your contracted builders. These experienced individuals will be familiar with the properties in your area and are the most qualified people to advise you on your design. Their years of experience and industry knowledge has made them Garage Conversions Expert Builders and will mean they are able to guide you in creating a conversion that suits your personal needs, fits the infrastructure of your house, and will add value to your property in the long run.

Know What You Plan To Use The Space For

In an ideal world, you’ll already know what you’re planning on using this space for. Knowing how you’ll use this new space can assist in the designing phase. The loft conversion will be a different shaped room compared to the others in your house. Garage Conversions Expert Builders generally have sloped walls and lower ceilings, which mean not all furniture will fit. Consider these elements during the design process and if you’re investing in furniture as the project takes place.

Adding Electricity And Heating

If your loft doesn’t already have heating and electricity running to it, you’ll need to hire a professional to instal new electrical wires and electrical loops. Before having these installed, you must ensure your loft is damp-proof and doesn’t have any leaks. Hiring a roofing expert to undergo a roof maintenance check can provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of your property.

Checking Measurements

Before bringing in a team of expert builders to convert your loft, you need to check if your loft is suitable for conversion. The internal height of your loft needs to measure 2,500 mm. The footprint should measure 5,500 mm side to side and 7,500 mm front to back. You can do these measurements yourself before bringing in a conversion team to give you a quote for the project.

Powerpillar | Loft Conversion In The UK

Many homeowners dream of one day having a loft conversion. We say, why not make that day today? If you need more space but don’t want to move, or you simply want a change in your environment, a loft conversion is a great way to refresh your home. We believe the ideal home should be affordable to everyone, which is why at Powerpillar, we pride ourselves on providing inexpensive or cheap loft conversions. The UK housing market isn’t easy to navigate, but we know that having a loft conversion done to your property increases curb appeal and market value dramatically.

What is the perfect solution proposed by Powerpillar for resolving space issues without extension?

Adding an extension can be a messy, expensive, and long-winded process. Having a loft conversion can provide the same results without the same levels of stress. Rather than compromising on space elsewhere and having to fork out your savings just for a little extra room, we’ll help you utilise the space you already have.

Our solution to transforming your home means you can upgrade your property, add value and have the ideal playroom, home office or guest room in no time at all. If you’ve found yourself searching Google for ‘Loft Conversion Builders Near Me’, the Powerpillar expert renovation builders are the team you’ve been looking for.

We’re spending an increasing amount of time in our homes. The environments we’re in can have a profound effect on our mentality and productivity. If you’re unhappy with your home, don’t let these feelings stew. Are you waking up every day and wincing at the clutter around you or filled with rage when you can’t find somewhere peaceful to sit and work for a few hours? If so, it’s time to make a change. Hire a team of expert builders to renovate your loft and upgrade your home.

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