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Do you need new home builders in United Kingdom? Powerpillar is the right choice if you’re looking for a new home builder.

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As new home builders UK, Powerpillar has a team of highly skilled and reliable builders and tradesmen with years of experience extending homes, converting lofts and basements, and renovating properties. Our construction company has completed a variety of projects in both residential and commercial areas. Powerpillar has an exceptionally professional team who knows how to perform their work. So if you are looking forward to Commercial office refurbishment, count on us! We have the expertise to accomplish all the commercial refurbishment work in no time with perfection. This includes strip-outs and structural modifications if necessary. In addition to refurbishing existing buildings, we can offer an all-around service with our experience.

How We Work

Planning and design

An in-house design and architecture team is available to you at Powerpillar. As new home builders UK, We will create a blueprint tailored to function and aesthetics based on your vision for the building. To ensure that construction complies with all the regulations in the area, our experts obtain permits from the local authorities. Our architects work closely with interior designers and home automation experts to ensure your property is infused with contemporary advances. Our goal is to provide luxurious and new build homes in UK that express your unique style and personality.


Powerpillar’s teams can customise a preplanned design or create a layout from scratch. We can ensure that all your plans are executed proficiently following all specifications. Using quality tools and materials, Powerpilar ensures that the new build homes are solid and sturdy. We provide safety and security throughout the process with well-trained employees and personal protective equipment (PPE). We also assess the plans thoroughly to ensure they meet local requirements as part of our new build services UK.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in United Kingdom. Providing construction and renovation services UK wide.

Why Us?


Results that are consistent, dependable, and top-notch are essential to you. Our team understands. Our experience managing high investments for clients enables us to provide solid, honest, and realistic advice.


The construction process continues to be regarded by our clients as a friendship. With each new commission, they entrust our company with more trust. We have crafted a solid foundation for our story through collaboration with our clients.

A High Standard

Respecting you and your property means maintaining the highest standards. Maintaining the highest standards is our way of showing respect for you and your property. Our goal is to exceed our benchmarks in providing tailor-made solutions that work for you.

Being Professional

Providing high-end bespoke renovations means working with a team of talented and passionate individuals. You can always make informed decisions by relying on our expertise and knowledge.


Customer Service

Keeping you informed at every stage of the renovation process is the key to a successful collaboration. Our priority is to respond to your feedback and questions. Emails are responded to the next business day after we receive them, and calls are returned within two hours.


An honest, realistic quote and a detailed project road map will be provided to meet your requirements. We can achieve this goal by preparing, effectively managing projects, and finding immediate solutions to changing building environments.

Stylish, Philosophical New Homes

With our new home builder services, we create homes that reflect your beliefs and philosophies and their aesthetics. We can build a contemporary home that meets every eco-friendly standard with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sustainable materials. Alternatively, we can build a new home using wood and logs if you prefer a cabin-like atmosphere. Our aim is to turn your vision into a reality by listening carefully to you. It is essential to approach each project individually since each home has a unique story. You’ve got one, too. It is our priority to ensure that you are satisfied. As professionals, we know how important it is to communicate respectfully, be reliable, and have expertise. Our team can create a new home that meets your needs, wants, and aesthetic preferences. Get started today by contacting us.
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Should you pay a builder upfront?
Paying everything upfront may not be a good idea if something goes wrong or the contractor does not show up. When they ask for a deposit to pay for materials, offer to buy them yourself rather than pay a deposit. By doing so, you will at least own the materials in the case of a problem.
Do new builds in London lose value?
The value of new buildings declines for several reasons. These include: The price of new homes is higher than comparable second-hand homes in the area. It is not always the case that developers build new homes to a high standard.
Should you tell a builder your budget?
Some may find it offensive or even confronting. To create a home that fits your budget and needs, your builder has to understand your budget. The fear is that if a builder learns their budget, the project price will be increased to make more money.