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We are the leading Property maintenance service provider in UK and nearby areas. Get 24 hour emergency property maintenance for homes and businesses.

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Property maintenance in UK must be implemented throughout ownership to extract, protect and enhance value.
With so many services, Powerpillar is never at a loss for what to do, from finding new tenants to collecting rent to overseeing maintenance and compliance. Our advice and Property maintenance in UK are tailored to ensure you get constant returns on your properties, whether they are multi-asset portfolios or buy-to-lets. We’ll provide you with tailored, expert advice whenever the time is right.

Expertise and Knowledge

Our team is part of the UK’s largest property maintenance services. Good property maintenance relies on experience as well as knowledge. All our Property Managers participate in ongoing training, whether new to the property industry or long-time pros perfecting their craft. Therefore, the property maintenance service you pay for should provide you with the best advice.

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Property Maintenance Services

Despite being large, we are still small enough to care for each other. Property maintenance is very much a people business, and our team has extensive experience in residential and commercial property maintenance.
Our focus is on meeting the needs of our customers, so we partner with a wide range of contractors to provide a comprehensive property maintenance service.
We are committed to providing tenants and landlords with affordable and appropriate housing stock and ensuring their satisfaction with our services. Tenants rarely move from our properties except when they outgrow them or move elsewhere, demonstrating this.We make sure you get a top notch property maintenance services UK.

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Unique Services

The expertise and experience of our staff ensure that you will receive exceptional customer service every time

24/7 Service

You won’t find a better resource with resources available 24 hours a day

Dedicated team

A dedicated team will ensure the highest standard of property maintenance for you.

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We are one of the best construction and renovation companies in UK. Providing construction and renovation services UK wide.

Property Maintenance Services

Landlords and property owners who use our maintenance services receive the following services daily:

Maintenance Of Income

The collection of rents, service charges, cost recovery, arrears, and default situations will be handled with proactive income maintenance and complete financial reporting.

Tenant Compliance

We Monitor the rental contract to ensure that tenants comply with their obligations.

Preparing For Tenant Relationships

A proactive approach to promoting good tenant relations decreases vacancy rates and increases tenant retention.

Compliance With Statutes

Compliance with statutory requirements such as Building Regulations, Planning Laws, Fire Regulations, and other statutory matters.

A Structured Fabric

 Managing a building’s fabric, including planning service charges and expenditures, conducting property inspections, managing contractors, and performing repairs and maintenance.

Our Objective

Adding value to our client’s properties is always the ultimate objective of our property maintenance team. Our property maintenance UK is tailored to meet the needs of investors and developers, as well as funds, owners, and public sector operators. We are large enough to cope with the demands but small enough to care. With a vast experience in residential and commercial property maintenance, we understand it is very much a people business.

We provide a dedicated property maintenance UK through a wide range of contractors. We offer experience, expertise, and focus on handling all aspects of residential and commercial lettings while meeting the needs of our clients.

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You can avoid misunderstandings with Powerpillar tenants by choosing our fully managed service, which puts an expert between you and them. Though Powerpillar Property maintenance service may appear to be an additional expense initially, we strive to provide our Managed Clients with the complete package, ensuring that their money is well spent and their overall rental experience is improved.



Is a Property Manager Worth It?
Depending on the situation. There is a lot of time and money involved in managing property. An investment in a property manager is likely to be good if the cost is lower than the opportunity cost of operating the property yourself. However, all investors will have to determine what equation to use.
Are Property Managers Regulated?
You’re right. The licensing requirements for property maintenance companies vary from state to state, but most states require licensed property maintenance companies to be affiliated with their local real estate boards. Property owners need to choose a licensed firm.