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Powerpillar will fully manage your properties within London and Essex from beginning to end, also through online and on the phone. Property Management Company in London is in-house and we keep you and your tenants in the loop, but get on with what needs to be done.We do this from a landlord’s perspective, reflecting our history, but always seeking to deliver a great service to your tenants.

To make an asset work to financial gain requires tactical, flexible strategies and solutions that extract, protect and enhance value and efficiency at every stage of ownership.
Property Management Company in London teams never stand still when it comes to the day-to-day managing of your asset. Finding the right properties for investors. Finding and retaining the right tenants. Collecting rent and overseeing maintenance and compliancy.
Whether you own a multi-asset portfolio of commercial properties. Buy-to-let investment. Powerpillar predict and react to market conditions ahead, tailoring our services and to making sure your propert(ies) give(s) you consistent returns on investment (ROI).
Contact us get tailored specialist advice whenever you’re ready, 020 3633 1605 or info@powerpillar.co.uk


As a building and construction company, Powerpillar guarantees you the best advice. Powerpillar protect your investment with our team of first class maintenance and repairs professionals, who offer higher level of service. We are transparent, so we send you updates of services provided.


At Powerpillar, we help our clients to achieve more profit, time and peace of mind by providing our exclusive end-to-end Property HMO services, which includes planning, developing, setting up and managing House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). As a construction company and with our professionals, we convert existing single dwelling houses into fully regulated HMOs and provide peace of mind full-service HMO management.
We help our HMO clients and investors achieve financial freedom by providing our Property Management Company in London that combines our unique HMO expertise with our personal experience of being builders, Construction Company and landlord ourselves.
If you manage your own HMO property, then you know there is more work involved than for a single let property.

Why? Because you are managing more than one tenancy agreement and more than one tenant.
What’s more, due to the fact that HMO tenants are generally short-term, you need the knowledge and experience to find and vet the right tenants.
That’s why we use specialised websites that focus on HMO lettings, to help you secure the right tenants. Furthermore, we offer shorter tenancy periods which helps us find tenants fast.

We Plan, Develop, Setup and Manage HMOs.

Our assurance is that we will look after your HMO property, like it is our own. With many years’ experience in the area of HMOs, we give you peace of mind that your property is being looked after by professionals that understand your specific requirements in property and HMO management.
There is much more to Property Management Company in London than just collecting the rent. Due to the nature of the short-term tenancy periods of HMO properties,

additional focus is required to find the right tenants, tenant referencing, arranging tenancy agreement contracts, as well as the necessary repairs and maintenance management, to ensure your tenants are satisfied and your HMO meets compliance regulations.
Company understand that there’s more to HMO management that Single lets, which is why we have developed our bespoke HMO management services:

    • Accurate Room Rental Appraisal:

A realistic room rental valuation is essential to ensure you get the best financial return on each room of your HMO property.

    • Effective HMO Marketing:

we market your property to a wide range of potential tenants and include a focus on finding tenants only interested in short term tenancy.

    • Pre-Screening of Potential Tenants:

We adopt a rigorous screening process, which aims to find the best tenants for your HMO property.

    • Tenant Reference Checks

Tenant screening process includes interviewing the potential tenant to ensure they are suitable for your property and calling their business, personal and prior landlord references.

    • Tenancy Agreement Preparation

Once the tenant has been approved by you, we prepare the Tenancy Agreement and lodge the deposit on your behalf. We check the documentation to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

    • Short Stay Lets Services

Due to the nature of HMO tenants staying a short time in each property, we offer our short stay lets service. The short stay service can include providing a fully furnished property with all household items such as towels, linen, and crockery.

    • Renewals and Negotiation

At the end of the tenancy lease we review the rental contract and conduct rent renewals and negotiate rental increases to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.

    • Rental Collection

we collect all the rent and promptly deposit your money into your account. We send you a monthly Rent Statement detailing all rent collected and disbursements paid.

    • Rental Arrears Management:

We review arrears daily and have a system of regular contact with tenants to ensure they pay their rent on time. If they fail to pay after five days, then our communication to the tenant is escalated.

    • Regular Property Inspections

We provide 3-monthly proactive maintenance service. This means we do ongoing maintenance inspections and notify you of upcoming routine maintenance issues. This includes a visual check of all communal areas and refuse facilities.

    • Repairs and Maintenance:

We organize maintenance and repair quotes and act according to your instructions. Company manage and pay for tradespeople on your behalf and provide full details on your monthly Rent Statement along with the invoices.

    • Emergency Call Outs:

Our team is available through our 24-hour dedicated phone line call to organize emergency repairs, outside of business hours. This includes obtaining quotes, managing emergency repairs, and paying for tradespeople on your behalf.

    • Locksmiths Services:

We provide an emergency locksmith service to help your tenants if they are ever locked out of the property.

    • Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Testing:

During our 3-monthly property inspections we check and test the fire alarm, smoke and heat detectors in every room and emergency lighting, to ensure that your HMO property is safe and compliant to regulations.

    • Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Testing:

During our 3-monthly property inspections we check and test the fire alarm, smoke and heat detectors in every room and emergency lighting, to ensure that your HMO property is safe and compliant to regulations.

    • Weekly Communal Area Cleaning Service:

We provide a weekly communal cleaning service to ensure that all communal areas, shared appliances and refuse facilities are clean and well maintained.

    • Waste Refuse Management:

We provide a refuse management service to ensure that the refuse facilities are clean and functioning.

    • Pest Control Services:

We provide a pest control service that includes monitoring for evidence of pests and placement of pest control measures to protect your property.

    • Garden Maintenance Services:

We provide a regular garden maintenance service to keep gardens in a good healthy condition.

    • Painting and Decorating Services:

We provide a high-quality painting and decorating services to ensure that your HMO property is in good condition and gets top rental returns.

    • Adhering to Local Guideline Regulation Updates:

We stay informed of all local Council HMO regulation changes that may affect your property. We inform you of the changes and manage the process to ensure your HMO property complies.

    • Annual Certifications:

We inspect your property to ensure that it complies with local guideline HMO regulations and provide annual certifications. This involves checking that your property meets fire regulations, as well as other local regulations.

    • Informed Communication:

We understand how frustrating it can be to have poor customer service from agents. That is why we provide regular communication to keep you informed and up-to-date.


Keep You Legal

Landlord legislation and property laws keep changing. We stay across this, keeping you up to date and therefore reducing your risk.

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