Our Services

As a high-end Design and Build company based in East London,
Powerpillar thrives to provide unparalleled Construction and Renovation services in London.

Loft Conversion

We provide loft extension services to make extra space more practical and accommodating. Powerpillar create a comprehensive plan for a functional, well-integrated interior. Creative and dexterous skills are essential for the creation of effective loft extensions by professional designers and contractors

House Extension

Start by determining what needs to be changed about your property. Powerpillar facilitates you to utilise resources and our experts will give you the best advice on how to maximise space if you want to build a small bathroom without creating a congested space and expand your kitchen. We Design & Build House extensions with perfection.

New Builds

Our custom homes are designed to match your aesthetics, beliefs, and philosophy. In the event, if you prefer an eco-friendly contemporary home with wall-to-wall glass, we can design and build your home to meet your needs. If you seek a mountain cabin-style house, the opposite is true.

Garage Conversion

Reclaim your garage as a functional space and unlike an extension, we solve the problem by maximising the free space in your home without adding an extension. Getting a Garage Conversion can save both of your time and money.

Bathroom Renovation

As a trusted builder for renovating houses and buildings, our talented designers and team members will guide you for your bathroom renovation. The bathroom renovation ideas and designs we provide can significantly improve the appearance of your bathroom and home. We strive to build your dream home because everyone deserves to live in an amazing home.

Commercial Refurbishment

The work we do can be done in offices, businesses, restaurants, kitchens, bars, hotels, or even just one room. Our team can transform any type of office space, including boardrooms, bathrooms, and single offices. No matter what size or shape your space is, our commercial refurbishment service will bring it to the life.

Kitchen Renovation

While redesigning your Kitchen, we make sure to incorporate your ideas and vision. The colour, design, and layout of your kitchen are all up to you. Let us bring your vision to life. The process of renovating your Kitchen will be guided by our team of talented and creative designers.

Home Refurbishment

Timeframe and budget are our top priorities in building homes. The incredible and mind-blowing house refurbishment designs we offer can make your dream home a reality. We maintain quality control throughout our design process and people can gain benefit from a high-end house renovation service.

Handyman and Property Maintenance

You may need to negotiate the exact price, but most work isn’t as easy as most people think. Your home or office will be transformed with our ideas for home and office renovations. In addition, we’ll provide you with an average cost and colour blend.

Property Management

Providing the best advice is one of Powerpillar’s strengths. With our first-class maintenance and repair services, Powerpillar provides extremely high level service. Transparency is a key to keeping you informed about our services and with our comprehensive Property HMO services, our clients enjoy more profit, time, and peace of mind.

Waste Removal

Our professional rubbish removal agency in London offers cheap and highly effective waste collection services that cater to homeowners, landlords, tenants, and business owners. No matter the size of the job, we’ll swiftly clear your garden, house, flat, building, garage, loft, shop, restaurant, or any other space from unwanted items. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a spotless environment!