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Should You Avoid End Terrace Houses: A Choice to Make

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I’m of the opinion that an end terrace house is better than one in the middle of the terrace. Especially if you are looking for a house in the United Kingdom. In general, if you’ve got the kind of neighbours who have an issue with noise, you’ll find that one side of your house has a much lower level of noise than the other. It is often true that terraced houses at the end of a street have a little bit more space. In the process of doing some research, I found out that they can have heating problems as well. Many people have expressed the opinion that terraced houses are colder and have higher running costs. From a logical standpoint, this seems like a logical step, but I wonder if it isn’t going a little too far. Nevertheless, what is end terrace house, and what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with owning one? We cover all that and more here…

What Is An End Terrace House?

As the name implies, an end-terrace property is positioned at the end of a row and is connected to only one other property. It has been a debate for a long time whether end terraced houses are good or not. Therefore, to look deep into the fact we have gathered all the necessary information you may need for an end terrace house. For better assistance you can contact power pillar .

Exterior view of an end terrace house with a brick facade and front garden.
end of terrace house pros and cons are mentioned below:

Advantages Of End Terrace House

Living Area

End of terrace houses typically has more space than other terraced houses, because they are in a row with one other house on one side. In particular, a home on an end terrace will have a larger garden than a home on a mid-terrace.
It is because this space is gained when a house doesn’t have another one on either side of it on both sides that the end of terrace houses tend to be more desirable.
In addition to being smaller, older terraced properties tend to be cheaper than new ones because they are already cramped together. When it comes to owning an old home and end of terrace, it is like having a little bit of everything. One gets more space without the expense.


The fact that end-terrace houses have only one set of neighbours to share with makes them different from mid-terrace houses. A quieter home or apartment that falls into this category could be very valuable to many people, especially renters or homeowners. In addition, you can live in a less busy environment because there is less chance of living inside a big dormitory.

Disadvantages Of End Terrace House


There is no doubt that crime is an issue that affects vast areas of urban space, with so many houses having backstreets and alleyways. It is more common for burglars to target an end terrace house than mid-terrace houses because there is only one neighbour.
Although that is a disturbing thought, it is true nonetheless. The chances of living in a mid-terraced property on a heavily populated street are in the favor of families and renters. The reason for this is the increased number of people listening out for disturbances, as well as the thinner walls – making it easier to hear what is going on.
The terraced houses along the next street’s houses are adjacent to each other’s gardens, thus resolving this issue. You may find that these neighbourhoods are safer to live in, especially if your street is slightly higher than the street you back onto.

Parking Space

Parking is likely to be an issue with terraced houses as with any other type of housing. The land size can sometimes be the deciding factor when people are looking at an end terrace house and semi-detached houses. In the event that you do not have sufficient space, you will have to park on the street.


It is a well-known fact that terraced houses are colder at the ends than those in the middle. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the walls of terraced houses are usually thin and have a low level of insulation. As long as your home is situated in a mid-terraced building, this is fine since the heat of your neighbour’s home will compensate for the lack of insulation.
As for those living in end-terraced houses, this is not the case. The cold air coming in from your neighbour’s house when you don’t have the heating on will quickly make your home more uncomfortable. Heat is always lost from walls that are left exposed.

Are End Terrace Houses Have More Value?

An end terrace house does tend to have higher asking prices than mid-terrace properties.
In the eyes of buyers, end terrace properties have a number of advantages, including only having one set of attached neighbours.
End terraces are often cheaper than semi-detached homes, too, despite both only being attached to one other dwelling.

End Terrace House Pros and Cons: Get Help Choosing Your Perfect Home

Is The End Terrace House Good For You?

In recent years, end-of-terrace have come to possess many desirable attributes, including the potential of extended sidewalls, greater daylight from side windows, reduced risk of disturbances from neighbours, and even a slightly wider footprint than other properties on the road. Thus, for people who like to be awakened by the sun rays from side windows, an end terrace house is made for you.

Should you Avoid it or Not?

Once you have been aware of what is end terrace house and what are its pros and cons, now is the time for you to decide whether you should own it or not.
Generally speaking, end-of-terrace houses cost slightly more than terraced houses, but generally less than semi-detached houses since end-of-terrace houses are larger and more centrally located. Some houses that lack a neighbour will often have right-of-way access to a road, while others will have access to the house directly.
Additionally, since end-terraced houses were originally constructed as terraced houses, they may require similar modernization and maintenance to terraced houses with which they are attached. Now, it’s up to you to decide which option would be the best for you.

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