Small Extension with Big Possibilities: A Guide for Small Extensions on Back of House

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Small extension is a great source to increase your living space and property value, especially when you add it to the back of your home, you get many benefits. In today’s guide, we’re gonna discuss small extension ideas for the rear side of your home so that you could apply one of those ideas to enhance your building space and cost.

Small Extension for the Rear Side of Your Home:

There are several ideas related to small extension that you may consider for your next construction project. For example:

Sun room or conservatory:

You may create a sun room or conservatory at the back side of your building. In this way, you may grow some delicate plants in the airy and bright area or employ the space as a cosy reading room. Another possibility is to apply the room as a casual dining area.

Utility room extension:

You may extend your utility room if available at the back side of your building to create more storage space for laundry supplies, cleaning tools, and domestic products. You can also add a sink and extra countertop space for easy chores. 

Office room or study room:

To accomplish some official work at your home or to study for a long time in a quiet place, you should extend a room at the rear side of your house. This room can be used for study, work, and creative activity. 

Playroom or family room:

Also, you can extend your area at the back of your house to create a playroom for your children where they may show their childlike movements or play enthusiastically with their toys. Or you may extend the area to make it your family room so that you and your family could spend some quality time there together or watch some movies together in that area.  

Kitchen extension:

You may also extend your kitchen to have a sizable cooking and dining area if your kitchen is situated at the rear side of your home. While extending the area, add some additional lights and windows too so that you could have a bright and cosy space where you could cook your meals reliably and also enjoy your food with your family. 

Outdoor kitchen or BBQ area:

Well, you may also create an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area by extending the back patio or decking area. This outdoor area is perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings and enjoying alfresco dining during the warm months.

Studio or artist room:

Build a studio at the back of your house for hobbies such as painting, writing, and gardening. This room can also be used as a guest room when needed.

Greenhouse space:

If you enjoy gardening, you should extend the rear of your home with a greenhouse. And, you may also add small garden room extensions. These extensions allow you to grow some plants throughout the year within your garden space and provide a peaceful area for tending your plants as well.  

Pets room:

You can extend the back of your house for your pets by creating a room for them. You may place your pets in that new cosy room. In this way, your pets may spend great time there and also play in the most enthusiastic way within their comfortable space.

Outdoor bar:

You may build a small bar with counter and stools in an outdoor setting at your home’s back side to entertain your guests and enjoy your drinks. Isn’t this intriguing!

Besides, your small house extension design should not be an issue for you if you work with a company that’s knowledgeable and experienced as a construction firm and can guide you for the overall design of your work. Some companies, like Powerpillar, also offer house extension design services for customers. 

We know you’re curious at present about small extension cost for your home construction project. Generally speaking, £2000/m2 is regarded as the current cost benchmark for most house extensions in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you have to be pretty sure about whether you have the proper budget range for your construction work or not.

Now Which Company Should You Select to Add Small House Extension or Small Back Extension for Your Home?

Powerpillar is your answer. We have been providing high-quality services related to small house extension in the UK for many years and are famous for our work in the market. However, there are other reasons as well for which you might want to choose us as your extension builder. For example:

Well-trained professionals:

Our construction team has the necessary training or skills required to accomplish your home extension project. They’re well-trained for their work. They not only have relevant experience but also the proper training required to complete such project.

Cooperative support team:

Our customer support team is always ready to assist our customers in the most professional, kind, and friendly manner within our office hours. Just send them an email or text them if you got a query, and you’ll get your answer ASAP. You may also call our team within our office hours to get your response immediately. 

Cost-effective service:

As we’re highly affordable, we provide only inexpensive or cost-effective house extension service to our clients. Yes, our service won’t cost you a fortune for the work you require to be done. 

Secure work:

We make sure the work we do for our client is safe for their building or home. As the security of their household items is our priority, we make sure that nothing’s damaged or broken due to our construction services at our customer’s place. We also ensure that our client and their loved ones won’t be affected due to our construction work after we hand over the extended home to them.

Plus, you may verify our credibility online with our customer testimonials. See what our customers, Eduardo Damico and Mark Hayner, have to say about our house extension services.

Final Words:

That’s all what we wanted to share with you regarding the ideas related to small extension for the back side of your home. We hope you liked our content. Plus, keep in mind Powerpillar is always ready to serve its clients for their queries. Whatever is in your mind, just drop us a message or give us a call. We’ll resolve your query as soon as possible. Your house extension project is a need of the hour for you, and we’re here to make the construction work smooth and effective for you. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we promise you would get the results you need from us. And if you like our post today, do share it with your fellows so that they may also have some ideas of small extension for the back side of their house and find a credible construction company for their home.

Emmanuel Nwaebo

Emmanuel Nwaebo is the Managing Director at Powerpillar Ltd and has more than 25 years experience in building construction and renovations. He has a bachelor’s in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with certification in Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST). With an experience in managing construction and renovation services for years, he is extremely passionate about property management and loves helping people find their dream property.

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