Choosing the Right Stairs for Loft Conversion

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If you’re ready to give your loft a stylish look, the right staircase can be an excellent choice. We’re here to break down the options. We will be focusing on space saving stairs for loft conversion. Let’s keep it simple and explore the fantastic choices available.

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs take the lead in terms of simplicity and elegance. It is a classic choice. These stairs provide a clean and straightforward ascent to your loft. If you’re after the timeless look of space-saving loft stairs, straight stairs will be your perfect match.

Spiral Stairs

You can choose spiral stairs for a touch of uniqueness and style. They are compact and stylish, and they add a twist to your loft’s design. These space saving stairs for loft conversion are ideal for smaller areas. If you want your loft to stand out with a modern and chic vibe, spiral stairs could be the way to go.

Winder Stairs

If you’re looking to save space without compromising on style, winder stairs are another graceful option. These stairs turn smoothly. It provides an elegant solution for tighter spots. Winder stairs bring a touch of sophistication to your loft with a sleek look.

Alternating Tread Stairs

You can step up your style game with alternating tread stairs. They are uniquely designed for efficiency and space-saving. Each step alternates to allow for a comfortable climb with a smaller footprint. It is the perfect choice if you’re drawn to a modern aesthetic and want your loft to exude an edgy vibe.

What Stairs Save The Most Space?

Looking to save the most space? Spiral stairs are the champions of saving space. These space saving stairs for loft conversion are twirling elegantly to make the most of every step without hogging your room.

These space saving stairs for loft conversion wrap around a central pole. It is a stylish solution that adds a touch of elegance. Simultaneously, it will keep your space open and free. Their smart design makes sure you can climb up or down without sacrificing precious room.

So, if you are eager to maximise your space, spiral stairs are your go-to. This is not a practical choice; it is a statement of elegance.

How Can I Save Maximum Space?

Double the Stairs

Take your existing space-saving stairs for the loft conversion and add a brand-new set right on top. You can get two staircases in the space you had before. You can go up and down without taking up extra room. Plus, you now have a cool space underneath. Here, you can create a new cosy corner or set up a tiny office. It can prove to be a snug reading room. It’s a simple way to double your stairs and add a touch of style to your home.

Trim Down a Room

You can get creative as much as you want with space saving stairs for loft conversion. Take a room and trim it down a bit. It should not be too much, just enough to make it stylish. You have to give your room a makeover without raising the cost. You are not losing space; you are gaining space for something extraordinary. With that extra space, you can add a staircase that’s both sleek and space-saving.

Loft Headroom Upgrade

If you want loft conversion stairs without losing the bedroom, go for this idea. Try stairs that fold or slide. This is a space saving loft staircase that appears when you need it and disappears when you don’t. Movable stairs are a valuable invention of the modern era. Your loft gets an instant headroom boost. It will make it feel more open and inviting. Turning your loft into a versatile space that adapts to your needs is much easier than you think.

Hidden Storage Stairs

Another use of space is to turn your stairs into storage. Each step can become a drawer. Space-saving loft stairs are a clever way to hide away your stuff. You can use these drawers as secret storage spots at every step. Your staircase becomes a stylish solution for keeping things organised.

Mix it Up with Alternating Tread Stairs.

You can add some excitement to your stairs with alternating tread stairs. The steps of the attic conversion stairs switch between being wide and narrow. It gives each step a new look. With a touch of variety in every step, it keeps you amazed and adds a mist of style to your space. Choose these space saving stairs for loft conversion for a simple yet lively action.

Are Space Saver Loft Stairs Legal?

Are you concerned about staying within building regulations with space-saving loft stairs? No problem—here are some straightforward rules to keep in mind. These rules make sure your space-saving stairs are not just legal but also safe and sound.

Horizontal Width

Firstly, consider the ‘going’. It is the horizontal distance of each step. Building regulations usually call for a minimum of 220mm. When setting up your space, ensure each step is at least this wide. This will provide a comfortable and safe climb.


The next thing to check is the ‘Rise’. It is the vertical distance between each step. Regulations often recommend a maximum rise of 220mm. Keeping it within this range ensures your stairs aren’t too steep. It will make the ascent and descent safe and easy.

Handrails are another great necessity. Regulations usually ask for a handrail on at least one side of the stairs if they’re over two metres high. So, if your space-saving loft stairs reach this height, it is vital to add a handrail.


Last but not least is the headroom. Building regulations often require a minimum headroom clearance, usually around 2 metres. You have to climb comfortably without bumping your head.

When you’re designing a space saving staircase for loft, make sure each step is wide enough. The climb should not be too steep. Add a handrail for safety, and keep the headroom clear for your ease. Stick to these simple rules to have space-saving stairs that not only save room but also stay in compliance with building regulations.

How Much Do Loft Conversion Stairs Cost in the UK?

Are you curious about the cost of staircases for a loft conversion in the UK? Let’s break it down without getting tangled up in all the different types:

When it comes to pricing, simplicity often comes with savings. Basic stairs offer a straightforward ascent without making a dent in your budget. They keep it simple and easy on the pocket.

If your priority is to make the most of your loft space without splurging, you should choose stairs designed to save space while staying within budget. These budget-friendly options not only elevate your loft but also keep your spending in check.

You can achieve a chic look and an efficient way to get upstairs with some cost-effective choices. Loft conversion stairs don’t have to be a financial headache.

Space-saving Stair For Loft Conversion Dimensions

These staircases for loft conversions are designed to be compact yet functional. They provide you with access to different levels of your home without taking up too much room.

The dimensions of space-saving stairs are crafted with efficiency in mind. They’re typically narrower than traditional stairs. It makes them a perfect fit for tight spaces. The width of these stairs usually ranges from 18 to 24 inches. You can comfortably work through them without feeling cramped.

When it comes to the height of each step, space-saving stairs maintain a comfortable climb. The riser height, which is the vertical distance between each step, is kept at a manageable level. It is usually around 7 to 8 inches.

The tread depth, which is the horizontal surface you step on, is designed to accommodate your foot comfortably. The dimensions range from 9 to 12 inches. The treads provide a stable platform for each step.

The compact design of attic conversion stairs doesn’t mean compromising on safety. Handrails are included to provide additional support and stability. These handrails are positioned at a convenient height to make them easy to grasp.

Choose The Best Space-Saving Stairs for Loft Conversion

It is a difficult task to choose any item if you have a lot of options available. You have to consider a lot of aspects, including your space, the layout of your loft, and your personal preferences. If you want to stay out of this hustle, reach out to Powerpillar. We will give you the best loft conversion staircase solutions, considering your likes and dislikes.

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