Why You Should Use Steel Beams In Loft Conversion

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Steel For Your Loft Conversion

Typically, lofts are seen as having little potential by most people. Grab a torch, head up to your loft, and start using your imagination if you have ever wanted a study, playroom, or extra bedroom in your home. Using steel beams in loft conversion might be a plus for you.

There are many boxes in our lofts that we need help with and old TVs that we don’t know what to do with, but the space can easily be turned into your private retreat. Many loft conversions create the same area as a complete home extension for a much lower cost.

You can make your home look entirely different with a loft conversion. It’s impossible to imagine how many options and customisations there are. If you want a fantastic view from your home, consider installing a new window.

There are numerous benefits of steel beams in loft conversion. This new space needs a sturdy foundation, so the steel beams are designed to support the structure. Loft conversions even require special steel beams. There are many sizes of steel beams available, so whatever your conversion needs may be, they can satisfy them. Thus, if you want to know whether you need steel beam for loft conversion or not, read this article!

Benefits of having steel beams in loft conversion

As mentioned earlier, steel beams have many benefits in loft conversion. Some of them are discussed below:


Building a loft conversion requires structural integrity. The best-looking bedroom in the world will only be livable if it is durable. The chances of this happening are slim, but it’s still worth considering whether you choose timber or steel.
The tensile strength of timber is surprising. As a result of its lightweight, it is solid and can withstand an astonishing amount of weight. Although timber is a sturdy material, steel is a much stronger one. Steel beams are more robust than timber and steel, both of which are excellent at their jobs, but steel beams are more substantial.


It is more complex to determine steel and timber beams’ durability than their strength in structural engineering. Steel for loft conversion is more durable in everyday conditions. Structures can break due to the expansion of steel caused by high temperatures. As a result, timber will outlast steel in this situation only, and this situation is likely to be encountered infrequently.
Furthermore, steel resists rotting and insect/vermin nibbling, unlike wood. The natural susceptibility of steel to deteriorate can be easily prevented by painting it anticorrosion.


Both timber and steel can accommodate various structural shapes and designs. However, steel has benefited from technological advances in recent years. 3D modelling systems can be used to produce steel beams, creating them to the exact specification required. Its structural integrity is also not significantly reduced when transported over long distances.


The most frequently asked question is what is steel beam for loft conversion cost. Many people are surprised to learn that steel is cheaper than copper. The wood can be kept robust with simple oils, making it easier to maintain. Due to its lower durability, timber may be damaged more often than other materials depending on the type of damage. Depending on the damage to the steel, it may need to be repaired or replaced manually.


Small spaces can make it difficult to install large beams. In addition to taking into consideration practical aspects such as logistics and the amount of disruption to your home, a professional loft conversion company can advise you on the best structural support for your loft space.

Connecting the beam sections in the loft is a simple task thanks to the specially designed splice plates, which ensure the beams’ structural integrity and strength.

What is the required size of a steel beam for a loft conversion?

The extra load of loft conversion is typically taken on steel beams. The beams usually run from one party wall to another when a property has multiple sides. The entire load-bearing capacity of the beams needs to be positioned correctly during the loft conversion, which your architect or structural engineer will ensure.

You will require steel beams in various sizes and quantities for a loft conversion depending on the design, the style and the number of beams required. Architects will typically recommend certain steels for most builds.

Steel vs Timber Beams

The beams run from one side of the property to another, such as from a party wall. They are suitable for both small and more significant spaces. The last thing you want is to worry about your floor falling through when you put heavy furniture on it, so you want to make sure whatever type of beam you use is stable and will last for many years.

The steel and timber beams are intense, but the steel beam is more durable. In addition to being susceptible to rot, timber beams are also prone to moisture issues. A timber beam that insects have infested will become weak. The rust on steel beams can also be prevented by painting them and protecting them from the elements.
Your loft can be converted to create more living space and increase the value of your house. By choosing steel beams over wood beams, you’ll save money for a more extended period, and there’ll be fewer problems down the road. High-quality steel beams will assure support and structural integrity. Also, since they can be fabricated to reach greater distances, they provide the most flexibility for any structure.

It is possible to use suitable steel beams fabricated to meet your requirements as long as you work with the right steel fabrication company. To ensure an exact length when installing the material on site, the material can be broken down into smaller, even smaller ones.


Using steel beams in loft conversion is an underrated concept but possesses many potential benefits. Aside from its versatility, it allows you to have a safe place for years. Now you don’t have to worry; start using steel beam for loft conversion and have a sturdy loft. Look for the best quality loft conversion steel.

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