10 Easy Steps To Build Your Own House – How House Construction Works

“Don’t sell the warmer for an air conditioner just because it’s summer, for in winter, you will have to do the reverse.”
(Ikechukwu Izuakor, Great Reflections on Success)

House is the place where you live with your family and friends. It is the only place where

You feel relaxed and be yourself. The look of your house, the design is the reflection of your thoughts and imagination. The definition of perfection is determined worldly is how standardised your living standard is. For building up the beautiful house it is not compulsory to have a flat piece of land. You can build and beautify the already constructed house by redesigning and remodelling it. Sometimes due to financial constraints and lack of resources people are unable to design and create the look as they dreamed off so for the conversion of your dreams into reality you need the consultation of some expert who is able to guide you the building steps and polish your idea in a customised way. Provide guidance for a house extension, building an extension, single story extension, redesigning, and renovation and remodelling. There are multiple companies working for construction in London. The Powerpillar is one of the top-ranked companies in the list of builders London who is offering customised designing from minimum to mega projects. House extension is one of the best ways to construct your home. Not everyone is up to construct the home from scratch.

House Extension Services | Powerpillar Builder London

For any house it is essential to have these 3 rooms. Kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom and rest you have some space in the form of a garage, store room,living room or free space in the form of extra room.
Construction steps from building from a scratch:
Following are the steps we need to consider while constructing
On a flat land

House Extension in London | Building Extension in UK

Firstly, we discuss what we need to consider if we are doing house extension while living in a limited space. House extension is one the economical way to do building extension with less investment.
House extension can be in the form of garage conversion where you convert your garage into a guest room by pouring a chunk of roof ceiling ,wooden flooring with a blend of wall art and exterior under the consultation of the Powerpillar experts. They will guide you with the best colour scheme and economical interior and exterior to convert your garage into a presentable guest room. This will help you to overcome your space issue and add value to your property by addition of another master room. This transformation of the garage also lies under the single storey extension.

How to build a house yourself step by step

Another way to make space in your kitchen, if it gets messy and has less space rather than occupying a complete room for a kitchen we can adjust it as an open kitchen which works as a living room and kitchen both at the same time where family sit together, eat together, play together. there is also a wide range of house extension and building extension
The merger of common room and kitchen
Kitchen extension
Conversion of garage into the guest room
Conversion of garage into the storeroom
Conversion of space under stairs into the bathroom
Conversion of space under stairs into store
Conversion of space under stairs into the open kitchen
Whole single story extension by constructing on garden
House construction does not consist of construction on plot and house extension or single-story extension; it is also dependent on how you renovate it, redesign it and decorate it. The process of giving a new look and design to your existing property is also considered as the building step of a house.
Redesigning and remodeling in the form of house extension or interior is as follow:
Designing of cabinet
Wall art
Paint and decoration
Contemporary designing
Tradition Bathroom designing
Placement of furniture
Modern designs of bathroom and kitchen

Above mentioned all steps are the keys to the process of building a house. House extension and single story extension are the two features that the power pillar considers the most while giving a new look to the place where you live. The creativity of the designer and architects with all electricity services and appliances installation turns the old boring look of your building to new by the best builders in London i.e. the power pillar.


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