Wall Panelling for Every Style: Modern, Rustic, and More.

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Wall Panelling Ideas:

Depending on the age of your house and your tastes, there are many wall panelling ideas. Hand-carved friezes and pilasters, for example, have a richer visual impact than others, which often have an aged and polished finish, and others have a highly decorative appearance.

Like other wall decor ideas, a typical approach is to match the panelling style to the house’s period. Due to their high ceilings, full-height panels featuring simple rectangular shapes are often used in Georgian houses. You can opt for a living room half-wall wood panelling to create the best look. In addition, panelling in the hallway can also be a way to increase the beauty of the space.

Wall panelling, cladding, and moulding are all excellent ways to lift a space retrospectively, whether you want a rustic country house look or something more traditional.

Wall panelling gives architectural shape to featureless rooms and protects walls from everyday wear and tear. It is also a practical option as it hides signs of accidents. A layer of insulation can also be added. 

Listed below are our favourite wall panelling ideas. Let’s dig in!


Create a Small Shelf

It is one of the best half wall panelling ideas. Adding half wall panelling to a room creates more than just visual interest; it allows you to display paintings, photos, and treasured objects.

The best way to display belongings is to use an upper wall painted in pastel or bright colours.

Determine the wainscoting height in a bedroom using the furniture in the room, such as the bedframe, bedside table, or chair. You can avoid the room feeling squat by placing a few inches above the top of the panelling. 

Stylish Modern Wall Paneling

You can marry old and new with wall panelling that complements or matches the original architecture and design of the property. An alternative way to add character to a featureless room is to add a panelled area.

The classic board and batten panelling runs from floor to ceiling in a muted colour. The bold, standout colour complements the artwork, colourful lamps, and modern statement furniture.

Half-Wall Panelling Covers Electrical And Plumbing

In addition to adding style and protection to your home, half wall panelling can hide many practical things.

This converted shop’s grey tongue and groove half-panel walls conceal the electrics and radiator plumbing that would otherwise be in plain sight without proper casement.

You can hide internal wall insulation behind wall panelling if your house is cold, but you want to maintain valuable floor space.

Add Rustic Panels To A Chimney Breast

Instead of using wallpaper to cover your chimney breast, why not use wood panels? Several years ago, statement wallpaper was all the rage. By giving rustic boards a ‘wash’ of paint instead of covering them, you can create the appearance of slightly worn and weathered boards. It could even create a rustic mantelpiece if you have an extra length.

Wall Panelling With A Country Feel

There is no doubt that wall panelling ideas will be at the top of your wish list if you search for decorating ideas for period homes. Using a skilful approach, a skilled carpenter can create panelling on uneven walls in old properties. A wallpaper with a panelled effect is an excellent compromise if you like your cottage’s irregularities. 

Using Half Wall Panels To Subvert Expectations

The most common types of half wall panelling ideas are shaker-style or tongue-and-groove. Even though this may not be bad, there are other ways to make it your own. 

It is common for modern homes to use thin slats or flutes for the exterior cladding, and horizontal weatherboards can also be used. 


Make A Room Divider Out Of French Cane

A breezy, boho luxe look can be created with cane webbing on the back panel. An open wardrobe can be concealed in the headboard, or a statement feature can be created as a room divider. A dark stain or black paint could be applied to a light wood panel for a different decorative effect, complementing the rattan finishes and white linens. To make the webbing more pliable, soak it in water before stapling. For a neat finish, repeat the panel frame on the back of the panel can be seen from both sides.


Look At The House’s Era

Specific wall panelling designs work better for different architectural periods, regardless of whether they are used in old or new homes. Modern homes with more straightforward and contemporary panelling look great with designs that fill up the entire wall. Victorian and Georgian homes have various wall options, including wood walls and panelling that barely fill the wall space.

If you want something sympathetic, it doesn’t matter what period your house is from when designing panelling, but it is important to research so that the panelling design is in line with the period.

Wall Panel Ideas With Textured Surfaces

An engaging layer of interest can be added to walls by adding a layer of panelling to a smooth-painted wall. The three-dimensional appearance of this material complements other materials. The right colour and material can create stunning effects when using shiplap, barn boards, or other elaborate options. The look you want can quickly achieve by using manufactured panels in geometric shapes and textures. Adding baseboards, chair rails, cornices, exposed beams, and other elements can further enhance the effect. You can purchase premade or custom wall panelling from retail stores or remodelling companies.

Panel Walls: How Do I Make Them Look Good?

Since panelling comes in various styles, most schemes can be complemented with a panelling idea. Interior design trends have embraced panelling in recent years.

If your home already has panelling, paint it a bold hue that matches the remaining walls or woodwork exactly. Alternatively, you can use contrasting paint colours on your panelling and wallpaper the remaining walls above in something jazzy. A modern, graphic look can be achieved with this technique.


With today’s wall panelling ideas, you have many more choices than you did decades ago. Regardless of your aesthetic preference, it works well. Check out the many options available for traditional designs, midcentury modern designs, farmhouse designs, and contemporary designs. A room can be more enjoyable with new materials, contemporary colours, and three-dimensional details. Wall panelling can provide the perfect backdrop for your furniture and decor accents, regardless of whether you choose classic vertical or horizontal boards.


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