Terraced House Extension: Design, Cost, Regulations And Ideas

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Extending a house for more space or a new look is common nowadays. Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian terraced homes provide an abundance of character and those constructed in the Georgian era. The lack of natural light, small kitchens, and ground-floor bathrooms don’t fit well with modern lifestyles. In this article, we will discuss some of the terraced house extensions, extension ideas terraced house, and how can you start working on them.

What Is A Terraced House Extension?

Houses built in terraces are called row homes since they are created by joining similar houses with their side walls.
There is no denying that these lodges can be pretty small, and their interiors are notorious for being quite dark.
When you decide to construct a terraced house extension, however, you have the opportunity to add a significant amount of space to your house while incorporating more natural light, as well as extending your living space.

Benefits Of A Terraced House Extension

Add Value

The good news is that if you consider extending your house, you will be glad to learn that a house extension can add value to your property. Several factors will need to be considered to determine how much worth your property will be able to add to your portfolio. Although that is a healthy amount, it is sure to be a long-term investment that will deliver good returns over the long run.

Add Space

It is important to remember that you can add exactly the amount of space to your terrace house design extension that you need depending on the size of your house. You might be interested in expanding your kitchen into a spacious area where you can cook and eat. It may be necessary to add more than one or two rooms to your home if you struggle to meet the growing family’s demands.

Customize As You Like

Lastly, you can customize your house extension to suit your tastes. Having a beautiful main suite with a balcony overlooking the view of your choice is the perfect way to make the most of it. Add a contemporary, contrasting extension to your period home for some modern flair.

Ideas Of Terraced House Extensions

Here are some terraced house extension ideas. These Small terraced house renovation ideas will benefit you, and by knowing these, you will have a great view of what is ahead of you.

Adding dining area

You can easily add that dining room you have been dreaming of by adding a terraced house extension to your house. In terms of dining options, you have plenty of options, so you should choose one that suits your family’s needs. A separate dining room may appeal to many people, but informal breakfast bars may be more suitable for busy households, especially those with many children.

Adding entrance hall

Terrace houses are usually not built with an entrance hall, and even those with one tend to be quite small because terrace houses often lack space. In contrast to opening your front door right into your living areas, you could create a tailored and stylish entrance hall by adding an extension.

Adding bedroom

Adding a bedroom is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. It is one of the best benefits of adding a spare bedroom. When you decide to extend your terraced house, the options you have include adding a two-storey addition or extending the ground floor and adding a new bedroom on the ground floor. Despite this, it is important to remember that ground-floor bedrooms are not as desirable as their counterparts on the first floor.

Single storey extensions

Adding a single-storey extension to your terraced home can be done in several ways. Depending on the size of your garden, you may decide to build an extension at the rear. There are countless possibilities for extending your home’s end, including adding another bedroom, a study, an office, etc. If you receive prior approval, you may develop a terraced house up to 6 meters to the rear without planning permission. A bigger kitchen is also an option.
Small layouts, especially in terraced houses, are primarily associated with narrow kitchen spaces located at the back of the property. Adding a terraced house extension is the most popular kitchen expansion method.

Double-Storey Side Extension

In addition to adding a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom to your home, two-storey side or rear extensions are very cost-effective, costing about £1,320 to £1,620 per m2.
Contact your local authority for advice on building regulations and a planning application if you plan to extend your home by two storeys.

Permissions I Need To Consider

Party Wall Agreement

Your neighbours need a Party Wall Agreement if you plan to extend a terraced house in England & Wales. A surveyor will cost around £800-£900 if your neighbour(s) dissent after receiving an initial notice from you.

Right of Light

When adding an extension to a terraced house, you should consider your neighbour’s Right of Light. Other English and Welsh regulations specify how much light your neighbour can get into their home.
Many homeowners opt for glazed extensions so that they can still allow light to flow into their neighbour’s property while maintaining the right of light.

Building Regulations

Also, as far as building regulations are concerned, you must follow them at all times. If you do not need planning permission, you will still have to apply for building control approval even if you don’t require building regulations approval for your building work.

Extension Cost

Single Storey Extension

There has been an update in 2022 to reflect the recent increase in construction cost due to recent price increases.
A rule of thumb states that the price per square meter should be between £1,200 and £1,400. Despite this, this figure is now a little outdated compared to the previous one. For a basic / mid-range house extension, I have found that an estimate of $2000 per m2 has now become a more realistic estimate based on my experience. Some estimates suggest these prices could fall between £2,300-2,800 per square meter in some parts of London and the South East.
It would be roughly 40,000 pounds for the build cost of a 4 x 5m extension.
If hiring an architect, a planning application, a building code, or an engineer, add 10-15% to the price (£6,000 at 15%). Thus, the cost of extending a single-story house would be £54,000 plus moving to a new home.

Double-Storey Extension

An extension consisting of a single storey can be built for around 50% more than an extension with a second storey. The basic construction cost of the house is £40,000 plus 50%, which is £60,000. Please make sure to add 10-15% to this figure to accommodate professional fees (architect, planning application, building regulations, structural engineer) (£9,000 at 15%). As a result, the cost of a double-storey extension for a house is approximately £81,000.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to build your own house, choosing the right architect Power Pillars for the job is a critical first step, but it can also be a minefield sometimes. So when you select a terraced house extension, choose the right type of architect. Be considerate about the style and interior you want to add to your house.


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