Budget Friendly Tips For Open Plan Kitchen Extension

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When building a house, women are more concerned when it comes to kitchen designs. Moreover, even when discussing kitchen extension, women listen to that discussion. But the question arises: How can you extend your kitchen while keeping your budget in mind? How can you design a modern, small, open plan kitchen by keeping an eye on your pocket? 

We know you want economic open plan kitchen extension ideas, so we are here to help. Extending your kitchen can be a manageable expenditure. Whether you are working with a constrained budget or keeping an eye on your pocket, we will develop sophisticated ideas for your open plan kitchen extension. 

This guide will walk you through every step of building a budget friendly open plan kitchen extension. So buckle up, and start taking the notes because you don’t want to miss these secrets!

Open Plan Kitchen Extensions Ideas

lluminate with Skylights for Added Appeal

When faced with height limits for your kitchen addition, consider embracing the allure of skylights. It’s very normal if your ceiling height is restricted owing to rules. However, why pass up a wonderful kitchen addition within these constraints? Skylights come in handy not only as a functional solution, but also as a beacon of natural light, widening the apparent space and providing important brightness to your food preparation area.

Make an impression with a Glass Box Extension

These glass box extensions, which seem like translucent cubes fused with your kitchen, not only radiate beauty but also welcome a lot of natural light. While their avant-garde designs frequently compliment contemporary kitchens, their flexibility extends to a wide range of architectural styles, whether a historic home or a modern home. Glass box extensions can be effortlessly integrated as side returns or rear expansions, however building requirements must be carefully reviewed to guarantee compliance with glass consumption restrictions within a single structure.

Ascend with a Pitched Roof Design for Vertical Opulence

Why not rise vertically with a pitched roof design when lateral expansion is limited? A pitched roof adds a feeling of grandeur to your area, making it appear larger. The location of roof lights must be carefully considered to ensure a harmonic balance of natural light, especially in sun-soaked south-facing rooms. Incorporate components such as wooden beams into your kitchen expansion to create a modern cabin mood that contrasts wonderfully with a monochromatic kitchen look.

Creative Shelving Solutions Showcase Openness

Take advantage of the novelty of your new kitchen expansion with an open-plan layout accented with imaginative shelf options. Say goodbye to traditional wall units and hello to open shelving’s visually freeing impact. While you may lose some storage space, the additional units you can incorporate into the extra square footage more than compensate, resulting in a room that is both useful and visually appealing.

Craft Serenity with Soothing Neutrals

Use a palette of relaxing neutrals to instil a sense of tranquillity in your kitchen expansion. Using materials such as stone, create a seamless link between interior and outdoor environments. Consider rustic stone on the rear wall, which complements the wooden kitchen cabinets. Create an attractive and unified atmosphere with stone-effect ceramic surfaces and neutral-toned quartz flooring. This classic form isn’t limited by the size of your kitchen expansion, making it suitable for both intimate nooks and huge cooking spaces.

Open Plan Kitchen Extensions Tips

The following tips for your open plan kitchen designs can be helpful for you:

Proper planning for extension

Now that you have decided to extend your kitchen, you need a proper plan, as every piece of work requires an appropriate framework to succeed. Take time to think about your open plan kitchen extension ideas. How can you keep it economical? How can you get your desired kitchen within limited capital and resources? 

So, carefully examine your budget and consider what type of designs you want for your modern, small, open plan kitchen. Take suggestions from your family members and friends, and then conclude that this is a specific design that also suits your budget.

Keeping in mind the kinds of extensions

After properly planning your open plan kitchen design, the next step is to consider the kinds of extensions. Whether you want a single-storey or double-storey extension, a wrap-around extension or a ground-floor side extension, it depends on your interests regarding what you want for your kitchen extension

But we suggest you go for a straightforward kitchen extension that is simple, unique and economical. Furthermore, it is perfect to keep your kitchen modern and up-to-date. Think smartly about how to extend your kitchen in such a way as to make it state of the art and yet simple and economical.

Choose simple designs

Try to choose among simple designs. Avoid selecting strange methods that will be costly for you. Furthermore, choose L-shape and curved designs sparingly as they are expensive and challenging. Laurence Wright states, “… curved designs take more labour, and curved roofs are ten times trickier again”. 

Put, adopt simpler designs like square and rectangular shapes as they are cheaper to build. It depends on how you will make your kitchen look beautiful yet simple and unique, which will cost you the least. 

Getting help from the architect

Present your open plan kitchen ideas to an architect whom you can trust. Contact various architects. Interview them. Present your plan to them, clarifying that you want an economic plan for your kitchen extension. Listen to their viewpoints. Select the architect smartly. Ask him to design an open plan kitchen for you. Then, have a careful look. 

A good architect knows well the demands and requirements of his customers. He will see your plan and suggest how to get a state-of-the-art kitchen economically. He will understand your needs and devise a plan for kitchen extension that suits your budget.

Selection of a contractor for your kitchen extension

Look for a contractor ready to execute your plan within your budget limitations. Just like architects, contact many contractors. Present your kitchen design and ask for their suggestions. Listen to their point of view. Then, choose the contractor wisely. Secondly, a good contractor must understand your kitchen extension ideas to avoid future problems and help you achieve a plan that fulfils your desires and is affordable. 

On the other hand, a lousy contractor further puts you deeper into more complications and your “economical plan” will transform into “a King’s ransom”.

Having know-how of market rates

You must know the materials that involve construction work. This is the base on which your whole economic plan for open plan kitchen design relies. You can only devise a successful financial plan if you know the market rates. 

So go to the market. Visit various shops. You will learn about market rates of multiple building materials and other items. In short, first, you must know the prices of things you need during your work of extension. Talk to the shopkeepers for a little discount. Then, buy the items for your kitchen extension.

Buy building materials on particular days of discount

This is one of the essential points in saving money. Try shopping for kitchen items on specific days like White Friday. 

Have a closer and sharper look at the things that have discounts. Sometimes, no one buys the particular items, so the shopkeepers put the deal on those items. But remember, no doubt you are trying to save money on things, but buy durable items. Don’t compromise on durability.

Don’t change your mind once you have devised a plan

Don’t keep the project the same once you have decided to work on the particular plan and start construction work. This proves to be havoc for you, as Simon from George & James says: “It can lead to additional construction costs from the builder and professional fees from the architect”.

If you change the plan or add anything new, it may cost you a lot, and your project needs to prove to be more reliable. Therefore, consistency in your kitchen extension ideas is critical. You can change your plan a little if you want to add anything necessary that you had forgotten to add before.

Saving money by reutilizing the materials

You can also save a lot of money by reusing certain materials or items that can be reused. There is no need to add all new items to your renovated kitchen. Go for it if you can reuse materials, such as wall tiles, roof tiles, marble, kitchen cabinets, and even bricks. 

Remember that you are considering your budget, so try to use particular materials again to keep your pocket warm. In short, save your money buying new kitchen things.

Recycling the kitchen appliances

Similar rules can be applied here as well. Suppose you can recycle electronic appliances, including refrigerators, microwave ovens, and even exhaust systems. In that case, you can use them again rather than spending your money on buying new appliances for your new kitchen. 

Even if you want to buy new things, first save more money from your monthly income as you have already spent your capital on an extension. 

Don’t be enticed with voguish brands

You need to stick to your simple items or building materials. DIY store items are as good as fashionable branded items. So don’t be enticed by the brands. Keep in mind that you want open plan kitchen designs that are affordable for you. 

Moreover, if you plan to paint the walls, buy Dulux or such paints as they can also compete with the fashionable brands of colours and are weather resistant. So go for simple items rather than spending money on lavish, voguish brands.

Extend kitchen smartly

When extending your kitchen, try to keep it lighter and spacious to let more air and natural light into it so you don’t have to spend much on tube lights and exhaust systems. Use glazed doors and windows to keep your kitchen lighter and airer. Your smartness will lead to the intelligent execution of your extension plan. 

Keep an eye on the extension project yourself

It will save you money because you will know how much money has already been spent, where it has been paid and why! Yes, you can share some of your responsibilities with your architect and contractor only if you don’t know much about a particular thing, and when you see, you can trust the architect and contractor. 

Otherwise, take the other responsibilities into your own hands. Take help from your friends and family members and from people who are professionals in their field. Go and buy construction items and materials yourself. Please don’t leave it to your contractor. It will help you to save your capital. 

Try to hire reputable and good architects and contractors

It is one of the most essential points noted in the list. Because your whole “economic plan” relies on the performance of the architect and contractor. Use your contacts if you have any; otherwise, you can interview various architects and contractors. 

It depends upon them how smartly they can use limited materials or items by considering your constrained budget. Good contractors know how to use limited resources and execute your proposed plan. 

You should avoid paying the builders or contractors before starting the project

This is another way to control your expenditure on your modern small open plan kitchen. If you pay before starting the project, those builders or contractors may begin to take your plan for granted. Even if you are paying before, get the receipt from the manager. Otherwise, deliver them to almost 25% when the project is halfway round and 75% when it is finished. This is to secure your capital. Therefore, it is essential for you only to pay after the project begins.

Try to buy materials with long life

This is another way to save your money even in the future because when you buy items that last for long, you will be held back from spending money on the same things in the future. Reliable items or appliances do not break down sooner. 

They function for a more extended period. So, there are many advantages of durable and long-lasting building materials. Furthermore, when you paint your kitchen walls, use weather-resistant paint and buy appliances with long life because repairs aren’t cheap.

It would help if you worked with current and existing services available

Using current services that are already available. For example, use the same electrical wiring and water pipe connection instead of installing new electrical wiring and water pipe connection. You can only change them if they are getting old and inoperative. 

This will also save much money and keep your open plan kitchen extension economical. 

Regularly visit the working site

This is to ensure contractors or builders need something for construction projects. Whether everything is running smoothly or not, contractors or builders will come to know that you are keeping an eye on everything around you and are serious about this extension project. 

Moreover, they will share their issues regarding the extension plan with you, and you can resolve them sooner.

Modern Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room You Need!

We have provided you with as many budget-friendly tips as possible to help you with your modern small open plan kitchen. As mentioned earlier, the kitchen extension is not a nightmare for you. 

Don’t be afraid of it. If you have decided to extend your kitchen, go for it, but use your discernment skills. We have come up with some budget-friendly ideas. Now, how smartly you carry out your plan is up to you. 


Thinking about your open plan kitchen extension ideas is manageable, but you must think wisely and devise a proper plan before executing it. We wish you good luck in getting your desired extended kitchen!

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