We’re going to take a peek into the Powerpillar’s crystal ball to discover some of the ways our homes will evolve in the coming year. It goes without saying that 2020 has thrown pretty much everything off course. That includes design from the use of more hygienic materials to demand for reconfigurable spaces and a growing interest in vintage and old furniture. 2021 will bring a generous dose of trends that have been impacted by our response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well of course as always as fashions prompted by other global influences and concerns.

In this blog, we’re going to dive deep into Powerpillar’s data to bring you these key trend predictions for the coming year with a community of millions of homeowners, home designs, building, renovation and refurbishment professionals from Powerpillar.

Powerpillar has a unique insight into how people are renovating their homes. We are able to share that knowledge, and shine a light on the latest home design ideas. We pulled out the Powerpillar data and browse hundreds of home design photos reported from international design events and took to the Powerpillar professionals to create this collection of materials, colours and other home design ideas that we expect to see a lot more in 2021.


White glossy kitchen
Small kitchen design
kitchen design ideas ideas

Some of you may remember white kitchens were massive news at the start of the century in the early 2000s. Everyone seemed to have one or want one. Usually with very glossy cabinet doors, but since then our love affair with this idea had waned somewhat until recently. Now it seems this mutual light enhancing choice the hardest working room in the house is back with a bang searches online for white kitchen raised significantly this year compared to 2019. What does it all mean? Perhaps this trend reflects the desire for clean looking cooking spaces have been filled at least in part by the pandemic. Interestingly, among 2020’s most save photos online.

We are also seeing the double whammy of white cabinets and white worktops and we’re expecting to see more of that in 2021. The addition of bare wood as a softening and natural material is popular too, whether in furniture as shown above or in cupboard or drawer handles or feature cabinetry.


outside entertainment fun garden family grill park

No big surprise is that given the restrictions in place this year particularly over the summer there’s been huge interest in outdoor spaces online. Our survey shows that garden was the area most of us wanted to improve this summer and as restrictions reduced, Powerpillar’s landscape professionals, architects and contractors reported huge increases in enquiries. Specifically, the search terms summer house, fire pit, hot tub, outdoor bar and outdoor kitchens have all risen in popularity this year. Proving that we were investing long term in our gardens and not just for the summer months, which could be very useful for those homeowners who are intending to increase the value of their properties.


Training and keeping when possible

Searches for home gym and garden gym have both risen dramatically this year on Powerpillar website. Look out for stylish or discreet ways to incorporate these features into our homes and outdoor spaces. What might some of these ways be? Well for example, homeowners might want exercise equipment to fit seamlessly into their interiors but also may need furniture to double up and become suitable for performing push ups, yoga or other exercises. These pieces might potentially have stain resistant, waterproof warming, anti-bacterial or anti odour properties.


Bathroom design
Grey Wall hung bathroom cabinet

White kitchens growing popularity seem to be going in the opposite direction with our bathrooms among our top 20 bathroom designs and photos this year. There were only a couple of white schemes. Meanwhile grey bathroom, black bathroom, Navy bathroom, gold bathroom and brass in a brand-new search terms for 2020. I’m seeing a variety of ways to use colour in the bathroom from the grey cabinetry and grey walls seen here to white brick coloured tiles and coloured cemetery grout. It’s looking much more stylish than a 1980s at condo sleep this time around.

Anti-microbial tap materials are gaining traction as homeowners look to increase hygiene amid the pandemic. Powerpillar builders and plumbers report a rise in requests for copper based fixtures to which benefit from these properties. It’s not just about hygiene. Standard Chrome tapware was noticeable by its absence among the most searched bathroom photos online. Instead brass, matt black and white dominate. Our fitters feedback also suggests Matt white as a finish for fittings will gain popularity in the coming year perhaps indicating an interest in calmer or peaceful bathrooms


Vintage Home
Vintage Home

Climate change and the impact we have on our planet continued to be a big theme for next year. Powerpillar professionals are reporting a growing interest in high end second hand furniture which aligns with the interest in sustainability. We’ve seen on the platform generally there’s been a lot to tell about the chairs featuring a popular term of project. Reuse of materials and refurbishing existing furniture has been a sustainable way Powerpillar is using to keep our environment and planet clean. With that mind, we make sure that our clients are advised on focusing on products whose design and aesthetic are top quality and a recyclable or can even take on a new life second hand. These can as well save them money.


Multi-functional home
Creating beautiful home with a cabinet that be bed and as well be storage.

With many of us working from home in 2020 and children tend to spend more time in the house. As the options for childcare, after school activities and sleepovers or socialising dwindled, there’s been a massive shift in the ways in which our homes need to function. In short, they need to be more flexible than ever before. This shift is something that’s manifested in several ways which made it here at Powerpillar. Un des leaders européens de la pharmacie et parapharmacie en ligne depuis plus de 10 ans, ce sont plus de 7,1 millions de clients à travers l’Europe (notamment en Allemagne et asgg.fr/ en Autriche) que nous conseillons et qui bénéficient de notre large choix de produits et d’un service de qualité. Very interesting information is that the search term, Murphy bed which is a pull down design, multi-functional bed or room, bunk bed rose in popularity this year online. It suggests that needs for bedrooms or spare rooms to double its uses. While many of us work from home for the foreseeable future, the idea ¨open plans¨ phase two will potentially need to adapt to accommodate additional functions. Open plan is not for everybody as we found out in our research. Open plan is a design in which households often had to live, work and play together in one space during lockdown. We expect also to see a rise in requests for multi functioning bespoke joinery to cater for work life flexibility requirements. Whether that’s in physical zoning such as an internal door or storage solutions that can adapt to arrange different uses throughout the day and evening.


Powerpillar builders - Smart home
Smart home – Remote control

As technology continues to innovate and more households can be controlled remotely, we expect to see voice recognition tech used more commonly in our homes. The search term, smart home, has seen a dramatic rise in popularity online and enquiries from Powerpillar all the time and has been growing as priority for homeowners in recent years. According to Powerpillar research, the impact of the pandemic may well also be having an influence here. Voice recognition tech for example; of course avoids the need to touch switches, household appliances and remote controls which are all common germ hotspots. No touch technology is likely to become more sought after for the bathroom too. With Powerpillar professionals reporting sense controlled taps and lights rising popularity.


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