Transform Your Loft With Eaves Storage: Crazy Eave Storage Ideas

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The loft is one of the most crucial spaces in a house. It can be converted into various spaces to be utilised. For example, if you think the house is getting small for your kids or want to make a guestroom, you can consider converting your loft. Out of many ideas, you can think of what suits you. Whatever the case is, it is recommended to always go for handy solutions and ideas. One of the most compelling ways to convert your loft is by transforming it into eaves storage. Don’t know what eaves storage is? We are certainly here to guide you through every difficulty. Let’s have a detailed look into eaves storage.

What is Eaves Storage?

First, you need to know what eaves storage is. As the name suggests, eaves are the steeply angled roofs that stick out from your home at the underside, where they connect to the building and jut out from it. Sloped ceilings are just another way of saying they have sloped surfaces. Lofts often have dead spaces such as these that are typically found in attics.

Eaves Storage: Why Do You Need It?

If you are looking for small loft storage ideas, eaves storage is the ideal solution. The dead space under the eaves of a loft makes it possible to store items under them, as they are too low to walk on or place furniture in. There is often an enclosed eaves storage area with doors in loft conversions so that stored items can be hidden but still be accessed easily. There will also usually be dead space on both sides of the door, which is excellent for storing items. If you have space here, you can use it for shelving, a wardrobe, or even a bathroom. If your loft conversion is small or you have limited storage space, you can use the space under the stairs to store your loft belongings. Loft stairs with storage can be an excellent solution for storing tall items or stacks of boxes in a loft conversion.

Eaves Storage Ideas

If you are considering loft conversion eves storage, you must plan your desired results. There are numerous eaves storage ideas you can choose from. Below is the list of some loft eaves storage ideas that could be helpful for you in deciding on a conversion

Store lofts in the eaves

A loft room’s eaves can be converted into handy storage space for no cost. Create an area enclosed with an entrance hatch to conceal Christmas decorations, suitcases, and old toys. This recessed shelf is an example of how you can build something more creative. Placing it close to the bed can replace a bedside table in a small room.

Go for open access

You may be able to get away with an open storage area if you keep things in order. In this case, the chimney breast has been fitted with shelves on either side. The architect designed plywood shelves tailored to the owner’s possessions in collaboration with the joiner.

Surround the bed with storage

In this loft room, a low bed has been positioned below and to the side of the sloped windows. Using plug boards on a panel above the bed, the designers have created space for the cupboards. The tongue accentuates this air of cosiness in this area, and groove panelling is painted white and highlights the lightroom above.

Store bathroom items in the eaves of the loft

A clever bathroom storage idea for your loft bathroom involves using the eaves of space that would otherwise be unused. It won’t take up any storage space, making a bathroom seem less boxy, more oversized, and more charming.

Build-in furniture

Your loft conversion can suffer from wasted space if you use standard furniture, especially wardrobes. With a made-to-measure design, you can maximise the storage capacity and make the most out of every inch. It is also possible to add storage into the eaves of a home as part of a bespoke wardrobe solution that works well with angled ceilings. Keeping the storage space unobtrusive can be achieved by using sliding doors. Build-in storage can be planned effectively by asking your designer about opportunities early in the design process.

Mix highs and lows

Consider installing a tall wardrobe alongside a shorter storage unit to maximise the space. Designers placed a dressing table with drawers beneath the low portion of the sloped ceiling. In this situation, maximising the area is an excellent idea because it’s used chiefly while sitting.

Putting it all together

You can use the space under your eaves well by building cabinets along them. The handleless doors keep the design simple, and using a row of cupboards makes sense here. Thus, you can create under eaves storage for yourself. Streamlined surfaces can create storage that disappears while maintaining the calm feel of your loft space.

Eaves drawers & doors

Even though sloping ceilings seem like a waste of space at first glance, they are not. The angular design of this storage solution makes it perfect for storing high heels. They were designed specifically for the homeowner’s shoes, so there is no wasted space in these drop-down shoe cabinets. Also included are drawers made according to your measurements and foldaway areas for tops and socks.

How do I convert my loft on my own?

There is a complex process involved with loft conversions that need to be approved by the building and planning departments. The substantial amount of work involved often makes it less appealing for people to do a DIY loft conversion, even with professional help for some trickier aspects.

What makes it the perfect loft room solution?

However, regular cupboards, drawers, and boxes will create a lot of awkward wasted space in your loft. Using eaves storage solutions can allow you to make the most of every square inch of space. Because your loft is one of the smallest rooms in your house, you must maximise every inch of space. Thanks to eaves storage, this is possible!

What will I do with the loft space?

You might want to convert your loft into an extra bedroom with an en-suite or perhaps a den or playroom for your children once you have established whether your house is suitable for a loft conversion. Would you like a quiet place to study or relax without family members disturbing you? Additionally, it can be used as a multipurpose room comprising both living and sleeping space, such as an extra living space that provides guest accommodation. Do you think there is enough room for a bathtub? What kind of bathroom will it be? If you are planning a bathroom in a loft, be sure to leave enough headroom. Often, built-in storage areas are available, particularly in the eaves, which provides a convenient place to store items. Consider the floor plan carefully before overestimating your space. Due to angled ceilings, you may be restricted in what you can store and move in your home. There is often plenty of usable space in the loft conversions of domestic buildings, which is ideal for sleeping, playing, and working.

Customising eaves storage

You can add many benefits to your home by installing custom eaves storage. Furthermore, storage solutions can be tailored to fit every nook and cranny. Moreover, you can choose your preferred material and finish. As a loft conversion option, this can be a great option since it allows you to create a stylish room that can be used for many different things. Attics can be converted into bedrooms, living rooms, offices, or guest rooms.


Your loft room can still be an effective way of decluttering the rest of your house, even if you don’t usually use it, since most people store everything up there. When you don’t need these items daily, you can keep them in your eaves, drawers and cupboards. Get in touch with PowerPillar today to learn more about how we can make your dream loft conversion a reality with eaves storage solutions.


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