Garage Conversion

Are you having nightmares about that dusty and discarded old garage? It’s the room we all try to avoid but still seem to fill with junk. Why not breathe new life into the space you’ve neglected for so long and discover what you can do with a garage conversion? A garage conversion can maximise your space, add value to your property and give you the room you’ve always dreamed of! In this post, we’re sharing how you can convert your garage and the many things you can do with a converted garage.

Garage Conversion Costs

When it comes to construction and developing our property, the first thought that comes to mind is cost. How much will this project cost me? Am I getting a good deal? And, is this project going to be worth my money? It’s natural to have concerns about garage conversion costs. To fully understand garage conversion costs, you need to do three things:

Consider How You’ll Utilise This Space

There’s no point paying for a garage conversion if you’re not going to use the space. Paying for a garage conversion without a plan is like purchasing an item blindfolded. If you don’t have a clear vision of how you’ll use your garage conversion or how it will enrich your lifestyle, what are you paying for? We recommend thinking about how you’ll use this space once it’s converted. By having a vision, you know what you’re paying for, and you’ll be able to decide if this is a worthy investment.

Talk To Other Property Owners Who Have A Garage Conversion

Whilst only you can know if a garage conversion is the right decision for you and your property, discussing it with others can be beneficial. If you have friends or friendly neighbours who have had a garage conversion, discuss how they found the experience. Ask them how they use their new space (you might get some inspiration for your own garage), if they think their conversion was worthwhile and how much they paid for the project.

Discuss Pricing With A Potential Garage Conversion Contractor

The best way to understand garage conversion costs is to speak with an expert. A garage conversion contractor will be able to break down the garage conversion cost, so you can understand exactly where your money is going. Ask a professional contractor for a quote for your garage conversion and be honest about any cost concerns you have. Remember, these builders are experts. Their years of experience mean they’ll be able to guide you on where to spend, and where you can save.


Ideas For Your Garage Conversion

People decide to have garage extensions for numerous reasons. If you’re interested in having a garage extension, and you want to convert your garage to a room, but you’re not sure what you’ll use this space for, here are some ideas:

Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

Are you fed up with paying a monthly fee for your gym membership? Perhaps you’re just fed up with having to travel to the gym every morning. Save yourself money (and petrol) and convert your garage into a gym. Convert your garage into a spacious, air-conditioned room and invest in your favourite pieces of gym equipment.

Convert Your Garage Into A Functional Living Space

Do you feel like you and your family are living on top of each other? Sometimes we need a bit more space to breathe but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle or pay the price of moving house. A garage conversion is the number one solution for adding more space to your property. A garage conversion can maximise the space in your property without adding an extension. If you need an extra living room or bedroom, convert your garage into a room your family can use.

Garage Conversion Small garage office

Make Your Garage Your Home Office

The past two years have spurred on the work from home revolution. More people than ever are working from home. Whilst there are numerous benefits to working at home, there are also many distractions.

Often, sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your knee doesn’t spur productivity. If you’re struggling with working at home, or you’ve decided to work from home long-term, you’re going to want a home office. Profitez de notre expertise dans le matériel médical Travaillant depuis une vingtaine d’année avec le corps médical, notre expérience nous permet aujourd’hui de vous proposer sur notre pharmacie en ligne le meilleur du matériel médical tant pour les particuliers que les professionnels. With all the rooms in your home already assigned, where will this home office go? Your newly converted garage, of course!

The garage is the perfect space for a home office; away from the distraction of the house and a new environment to stir the senses, making your garage your home office might be the best career decision you ever make!

DIY Garage Conversion Vs Hiring A Professional Contractor

We all want to save a few pennies here and there, but sacrificing the quality of your home isn’t the way to do it. A DIY garage conversion has endless opportunities for disaster. These mishaps won’t only leave you frustrated; they’ll extend your project and lose you money too. Garage conversion builders are experts in their field; they’ve completed numerous garage conversions to the highest possible standard— they know what they’re doing and do it well.


Garage Conversion Vs Extension

A garage conversion requires changing and developing an existing garage into a new, functional space. Whereas, a garage extension demands extending your garage or property to create extra space. Whether you require an extension or conversion will depend on your property and the purpose of this space. To learn more about garage conversions vs garage extensions, talk to your professional building contractor. An expert builder will be able to help you decide which style of garage suits you and your needs.


If you’re ready to convert your neglected, old garage, there’s never been a better time. With so many of us spending an increasing amount of time in our homes, it’s crucial our properties work for us. Whether you want to upgrade your garage for your beloved automobile or turn your garage into a room, professional construction and renovation builders can help you create a garage you love.

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